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Three Common Mistakes People Make When Starting Yoga Queens NYC

Posted Sep 25 2013 2:45am

For many, yoga is an extension of an already robust fitness regimen.  People want to experience something new,  or in the case of yoga queens NYC, exploit the mind and body connection of yoga.  New York City is a stressful place to live and work, thus any opportunity to reduce stress is a opportunity one should take.  However, enthusiasm to start can lead to rookie mistakes that can leave you disheartened about yoga.  Learn what to expect to avoid fitness remorse.


Research the types of yoga available in your Queens neighborhood.  You may find what you really like is just a few blocks walk or a stop or two on the subway.  You should also check offerings near work, as schedules or yoga types offered may suit you better.  Choosing the wrong type of yoga could send you back to the gym feeling unfulfilled.  Some of the more popular types of yoga offered around New York City are Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Power yoga.


Secondly,  recognize that you are not a veteran and many people in your class have been doingyoga Queensfor many years.  Yoga is not a.competition. Trying to keep up with the veterans can lead to an injury and an early exit.  There is nothing to prove.  Follow the instructor to the best of your ability.  If possible, arrive early and speak to the yoga instructor before class starts.


Recognize that this is not your typical group exercise class.  This is not an environment where you need to scream motivating phrases to other classmates.  Yoga is not just a form of exercise.   It is also a tool for stress management.   People useyoga Queensas a place to decompress, as a fortress of solitude to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Hold your comments to friends until the end of class.   Talking in class distracts others and takes away from their focus on the instructor and goals of the class.

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