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This is a spiritual journey

Posted Nov 03 2009 10:02pm
Buddha statues
More and more I'm being able to observe myself, distance myself with the sense that I view myself from a peaceful place. I feel compassion and that everything is ok. In the shower yesterday this image came to me, that between spirit and body in the working mind there is a space where the thinking mind is creating illusions about ourselves, like "sub personalities". They seam so real and we tend to focus on them as being us. They grow stronger when other people react to them. Observing this "sub personality" without reacting to it makes it fade away, other "sub personalities" may arise and when being observed and not objectified it also fades away, just like soap bubbles dissolving. Thoughts and feelings come and go, like the weather. I do not try to control the weather. I let it be and accept whatever is. I'm spirit and body - nothing else. Simple. Simplicity. Yoga helps to balance these dualities into oneness.
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