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things i love thursday (17)

Posted Apr 29 2010 12:58am

The more I see the less I know
The more I like to let it go…
( Anthony Kiedis )


*  My yoga mat.  I’ve had it forever.  And I certainly need a new one.  It’s worn and dirty, it’s lost most of it’s grip and has holes that the cat has scratched in it.  I’m also pretty sure it’s made with the dreaded PVC.  But it’s pink and I love it and when my back is so sore that it feels as though a swarm of bees is living in my sacrum I can lie on my yoga mat with my knees bent and my eyes closed and everything slips back into perspective.  I may or may not have issues with attachment, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone on about this filthy mat before!

* Listening to a song you’ve heard a million times and suddenly it making you sit up and think (hence the lyrics at the start of this post – bonus points to those who know the song without googling).

* The fact that “googling” a perfectly acceptable word now without having anything to do with eyes like this.


* Making decisions.  Amongst them being the decision to stop stressing about a current situation and ride it out.  See what happens.  I’m too full of what might be and not full enough of what is.  That must change.

* Babs at Juice Pilates .  A fabulous American Lady I met at the weekend who has opened a Reformer Pilates studio in Cambridge.  Cambridge readers, go to the link and check her out.  She’s got new starter offers on!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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