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Things I’ve Learned: 5 Ways To Live A Better Life With Less Stress

Posted Aug 07 2011 10:44pm

It is a humbling journey when we take steps to heal ourselves and become open to who we really are.  I was a person who lived stressfully.  I became an expert in living a life of stress…until I was diagnosed with extreme adrenal exhaustion.  If I continued living my fast-paced, workaholic, over-full life, I would have to prepare to spend time with illness very soon.  It was a wake-up call, my turning point if you will, to find ways to live a better life with less stress.

I learned the hard way that health and wellness are about equilibrium and if you are living in one-sidedness it leads to suffering and illness.  If you experience any of these symptoms they may be an indication that you are living with too much stress:  fatigue, joint pain, irregular menstrual cycles, sore throats, anxiety, depression, frequent colds, nervousness, back aches, weight gain, insomnia, poor digestion, mood swings, lack of patience, head aches, and fear.   Don’t worry, you aren’t alone…and the good news is that there are many ways for you to do something about it before it takes a toll on your health.

Don’t let yourself get lost in your to do lists with your eyes wide shut.  Open your eyes and be “in your space.” Your capacity and choices are determined by your awareness so it becomes vitally important to make space and take the time to experience your experiences.  If you can increase your awareness you will make better choices and live a life with better results.  AWARENESS + CHOICES = BETTER RESULTS.  This is also about taking an active part in your life to pay attention to those things/people/places that serve your happiness.  You can choose to incorporate more happiness factors instead of the things/people/places that stress you out.  Choose your choices.

Underneath it all is the fact that when we are stressed…presence is missing.  Stress is a choice of the mind to not be present to the flow of life.  Be in the now. How do you take time? It is more about bringing your awareness to the moment and less about continuing to fill your plate with heaps of things to do.  Moving in “the now” of any given moment is the key.  This movement toward experiencing is what authenticity is all about. It isn’t about rushing through what is happening or hurrying from one moment to the next in an automatic way…it IS about simply being present to the moments of your life.  Most of us have a nagging feeling that something is missing.  And that something is often you.  Time is a commodity of exchange.  Are you getting value from how you spend your time?  Are you present to your life?  Life is for the time BEING (time to be).

This is where yoga is such a positive force in my life.  By working with meditation, breathwork, and postures/movement I have been able to quiet my busy mind.  Finding stillness in my days has amazing results – better concentration and clarity, less overwhelmed feelings, ability to focus on what is important, weight loss, toned muscles, overall feeling of ease and happiness, more energy, and less emotional ups and down.

Emotions are simply messages. The better we get at bringing emotions to balance, instead of focusing only on the positive or negative, the happier life becomes and stress dissipates.  Integrating experiences allows you to find meaning in them.  This is when we can notice the emotion and take the time to act instead of react.  The bonus is that this opens you up to being you.  Often we store emotions until we are ready for truth.

What is most valuable to you is also the most inspiring.  If you are fulfilling your highest values you will be inspired and feel meaningful and purposeful. Don’t waste another moment living from a space that doesn’t feel important to you.  Values determine you life.  Get clear on what is most important and live from THAT space.  Anything less is less and that equals stress.

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

The time, energy, health and happiness that I could have experienced had I known these “5 Ways” beforehand.  You can get there much faster than I did, without the exhaustion, if you listen and take action. I’ve learned a lot on my road to health, wellness and conscious living.  Having made mistakes is never a bad thing if you learn from them – and these “5 Ways” can help you avoid the pitfalls of living with long term effects of a stress-filled life and find more health, happiness, and wholeness.



  • Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L. Wilson and Johnathan V. Wright
  • Easy Exhaustion Cure eBook: (the nutrition additions have helped my energy recovery in leaps and bounds)
  • Are You Tired and Wired?: Your Proven 30-Day Program for Overcoming Adrenal Fatigue and Feeling Fantastic Again by Marcelle Pick



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