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"The world, our lives, our daily...

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:14pm

“The world, our lives, our daily bread, our loved ones, our opportunities, our challenges and difficulties—all are gifts. Even the innate capacity to receive is a gift.

There is not a single moment in life in which we are not given something. We can begin to notice this; we can increase our capacity to receive daily, both that which seems small and that which is big.

If we imagine ourselves as open cisterns, we would soon become aware that we are continually being filled. Every moment we have more than enough—if we are open to receive.

It is gratitude that increases our capacity. We know the saying, “to them that have, more shall be given.” The more we are aware that we have been given, the more we are given. The abundance is never ending.

What a joyous task then lies before us each day. Showered with blessings, it will take our entire lifetime to learn to be nothing but a living thankfulness.”

From the new book by Gunilla Norris, SIMPLE WAYS: Towards the Sacred (BlueBridge, 2008).

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