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the umbrella surface external battery consists of 12 solar panels

Posted Dec 25 2012 9:15am
Strange the iPone charger, creativity everywhere From work, eat and sleep, a social life is how monotonous. Spare time, what to do? Holding the phone and playing with a variety of new games? Chase to see one and a foam soap opera? Simply eating, sleeping. As a young man, perhaps life should not external battery be so monotonous. Perhaps can not change the way of external battery life, we can not say NO, but we can rely on more creative to life plus point material. Whether you are a female otaku house, or working madman, are more or less contact with creative items Xiaobian believe. With creative cup, wearing a T-shirt of the creative, change our mood. Feel immense pleasure to introduce you today Xiaobian the several creative chargers in charge. Shade and charging Booster Brolly Recently, the British carriers launched a multi-functional parasols Booster Brolly external battery this magical umbrellas in the end which specific function? Fact, this parasols efficacy has covered the sun, and also has a charging strengthen the function of the signal enough magic this magic umbrellas by the University College London, Kenneth Tong, professor of design, the umbrella surface external battery consists of 12 solar panels, and the grip on the USB interface. The the umbrellas through umbrellas reserves power, charging just the phone and the USB interface connected to be able to easily external battery charge. It is said that this put the umbrellas within three hours of the smart phone is fully charged. So we do not have to worry about the battery died. In addition, the umbrella top high-power antenna can increase the radius external battery of all the mobile phone signal in the range of one meter. Booster Brolly had had an LED light from no longer afraid to walk at night. '
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