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The Secret : Yoga

Posted Sep 12 2008 6:51pm

Patrick16 Patrick , a yoga teacher @ Pure Yoga HK, had this to say about the yogic connection to The Secret:

" Almost a year ago I talked with my soul brother David who lives in Whistler over the phone listening to him while he raved about this movie called the Secret. I said, "yes, I'll go find it in HK and watch it, I promise!" Over the next few weeks I scoured the local papers for a theatre showing it, then cruised HMV to buy the DVD, however, it was sold out and on order for some months. Next, I kinda forgot about it. Low and behold, about four months later I was cleaning out the drawers of my house (something that I've enjoyed since I was a kid... my earliest memories of meditation really!) and I came across a paper envelope with a CD/DVD in it with very small writing on it. Of course, it turned out to be the fateful movie 'the secret' and I dropped everything sat on my rug and watched the movie straight through. The movie is about the law of attraction, that's the big secret, and it illustrates some of the most basic principles of the yoga practice. really the power of meditation, just as taught from the gita, only in rockin', self help spiritual-documentary style. It's worth a watch, check it out on line at the secret where you can watch it online for like 5 bucks. Thank god for the internet... spiritual convenience."

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