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The powerful three - Combining Reiki and Visualization with EFT - Tri it!

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:26pm
My five-year-old daughter used to develop throat infections at the drop of a hat. We had tried various things on her and finally resorted to anti-biotic treatment and pain killers every single time, not to mention cough syrup by the bottle. When I first came across EFT I was excited at the prospect of driving away my daughter’s respiratory allergy (that was the clinical diagnosis, anyway). As was to be expected, I had several opportunities during which to try out EFT as a way to help her heal. EFT not only drove away her incessant bouts of coughing one particular night, it also worked so deeply that the problem never returned for a very long time. This in itself was a major milestone for us because the rate at which she was falling sick was fairly high. We have been through almost 9 months without respiratory allergy, no colds or fever and increased tolerance to changes in food, environment and other factors that used to trigger the condition.

Now all of a sudden, the problem has returned, albeit, in a very mild form, which leads me to believe that some component of the problem, maybe emotional, could be lingering. We have been through significant changes recently,such as a move to another country; and settling down, though we tried to make it fun for the kids, came with its own set of challenges. Therefore, I am under the impression that something is triggering this allergy, which we have not encountered before. So my husband and I, both ardent fans of EFT, started working on her this morning.
We made her repeat
“Even though I have this throat pain, I love and accept myself”
“Even though I have a blocked nose….
“Even though I have a fever…
“Even though I don’t feel good……
After five rounds of the standard EFT protocol, she had relaxed enough and was up and about, playing and going about as usual.
Later we went through another round of EFT-ing and this is when we added the reiki and visualizations
“Even though I feel this way…….
And as we tapped on the meridians, we said (and made her repeat or visualize)
“I choose to let this pain go
I can see it peeling off one layer at a time, flaking, crumbling, falling to the ground and disappearing altogether”. Now this visualization in particular, I find, works remarkably for adults, but could be a bit challenging for children because it tends to be slightly abstract. This is where we added, “I can see it peel off like the peel comes off a banana” “I throw the peel in the trash”. Another type of visualization is one that involves the senses as well, in a pleasing way, especially for children (for example, “I can see a pink rose and the smell is so refreshing”) has profound impact on their body’s ability to heal itself. (Healing visualizations and its impact on the body is a separate discussion altogether!)

After a few rounds of EFT-ing combined with reiki and visualizations, we found her smiling from ear to ear, generally being more amenable to suggestions regarding helping her health improve and overall, was cheerful and active – her usual self, that is.

There is one more remarkable visualization that I discovered in combination with EFT: white light and golden light. I think they will work for children and adults alike.
" Even though I feel this way (specify your problem, whatever that may be), I send myself some golden light energy from the sun and some silver light energy from the moon". Visualize this when you say it.

The sun and moon visualizations are classics. They are used avidly in children's Tai Chi quite a bit and in Yogic visualization techniques as well. They represent male (sun) and female (moon) energies and are supposed to help balance them in the body. This said, the golden and white light visualizations are generally supposed to have very powerful healing effects on body and mind.

Another thing I found very interesting was this: there are times when I am too exhausted and trying to EFT on the exhaustion only results in a fuzzy repetition of the problem with very little progress and invariably, I just fall asleep. I realized that when exhausted, all I need to do is sit in front of the mirror and tap. This is something kids will enjoy as well. I know my daughter will! Sitting in front of the mirror does two things – it forces you to face yourself, but in a very natural, non-threatening way (we are all used to looking at ourselves in the mirror) and moreover, you can look at the EFT points in your reflections and simply go from point to point mentally, even without physically tapping. I tried this once and realized it was such a great way to tap when exhausted, pre-occupied or both.

And remember facing yourself might actually be as simple as looking in the mirror! If only we would look in the mirror more to appreciate our beauty, from the inside out, rather than to criticize it. If only we would look at that reflection, into the eyes especially, and say “ even though………this is going on (whatever you are EFT-ing for), I completely love and accept myself", I am sure we will discover self acceptance from a totally different angle.

Happy tapping everyone!

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