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The Power of Words

Posted Jul 08 2013 7:42am

Solomon said, “The tongue of the wise is health” (Proverbs 12:18) and “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21)

Words…they are influential. Expressions have an otherworldly power.

Our expressions depict our musings in our inward planet. Expressions have a significant effect on our existence. They have the ability to make our effects which are a result of our inward self talk.

Thus, we may as well begin utilizing strong enabling expressions with ourselves and with others.

Statements give us power to express and impart and thusly they have the ability to make the occasions of our lives.

Statements guide us. They are an imperative part of our day by day life. We catch them in tunes read them in books, and letters.

We talk them. We catch them.

They have the ability to lift our spirits. They can empower and persuade us. They are an essential part of who we are.

The point when the Universe was made, it is said "And God said 'let there be light.'" God spoke, utilized expressions to make the Universe. The being of expressions is capable.

As people, we stand up our brains express our contemplations through statements. Statements are fit for crating a feeling or feeling.

At the time we listen to a melody about affection, the expressions touch and move us. We can likewise feel trouble provided that we catch or read certain statements.

We can harm others by utilizing effective statements that wound somebody's heart. We encounter diverse feelings and impact others, all in view of the force of statements.

Expressions are of extraordinary vitality. They assume a critical part in the nature of our lives. Thusly, we should notice and give careful consideration to the utilization of expressions.

A few expressions make a warm charming feeling inside us while some can cut our spirit around crating trouble and making us yell. At the time we talk, we talk our brain out boisterous. We talk our musings.

It is paramount to be cautious with our statements. The statements that we utilize are it throughout a peaceful self talk or while standing up boisterous, can verify if we feel inspired or disheartened.

We can positively enhance any territory of our own existence essentially by utilizing the right statements. We can make better health when we feel exceptional.


At the time we feel positive, our safe framework gets stronger. How about we say that our companion says "you can do it…I put stock in you." It gives us power to continue going disregarding tests. In the event that we utilize expressions like "I can do it,” these positive statements can change our existence.

We may as well dependably utilize expressions that might hearten our children…

What expressions do you frequently use with your kids?

Are those expressions lift up their spirit?

What expressions do you utilize at what time things are not going as you wish?

Wishing you Abundance of Love & Joy!

Michal Y Noah

About Michal Y. Noah:

Michal Y Noah is the writer of the #1 best offering books "A-Z, The Universe in Me". She is additionally a giving writer to the #1 best advertising book "Wake Up…lives the Life you Love: Empowered."

Ensured life mentor and a clinical hypnotic specialist, Michal additionally holds a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and she is dependably energetic about assisting individuals live a satisfying life. Her books are an incredible wellspring of inspiration and empowerment that help take advantage of our concealed potential by utilizing the force of positive self talk and convictions.

Michal's mission is to shed a light on positive mental self portrait by instructing our kids the force of higher self-regard and fearlessness through planting the seeds of positive considerations.

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