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The fruits of a daily practice

Posted Jul 17 2010 12:00am
Kayaking two hours after work with my colleagues, sunbathing and swimming, hanging out with friends and family, going to concerts, plays and dance performances, boat trips, going for a cool drink at night with dates - it's the best summer ever. It's +30 degrees C and I'm still working but it feels like vacation. Stockholm is the best city when it's summer, you have so many activities happening in the city. This summer we are blessed with warmth and sun. It's not always like this. I wish it was.

Kayak and paddle

Yoga in this warmth is amazing. The body is flexible and I really like heat so for me that is not an obstacle. All of a sudden I can put my head on the floor in the prasarita padottanansana serie and the whole hip area where there has been such a tightness is loosening up. The progress is not fast but if I compare with last year it's a big difference. Mentally the practice has brought me into a peaceful place, as I have written about before, and the amazing thing is that I'm still there. The mind seems to have been stabilized in the place of peace. I'm surprised every day that I'm not as up and down as before. The beautiful fruits of a daily practice.

Being so busy with all the daily activities has made me skip morning Mysore for a while. It's not often we have a summer like this and I choose to live it to the fullest. More morning Mysore and blogging will happen when the darkness and cold comes back. For now I enjoy morning practice at home or on a beautiful cliff in the archipelago on the week ends.
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