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The Everything Yoga Blog 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted Nov 22 2010 10:18pm

For the past few years I've been assembling some of my favorite things into a holiday gift guide (click here to see the 2008 Gift Guide and click here to see the 2009 Gift Guide). Since I often get questions about this sort of thing, let me answer the million dollar question right now: no, no one paid me to get onto this list (that would be advertising and this is strictly editorial blogging).

This is simply a list of my (current) favorite things. Whenever I have a particularly pleasant buying experience or I find something that I just adore, I make a note of it and then include it this annual post. So while I appreciate all of the requests I receive to be included in this guide, I am a tough customer when it comes to inclusion in the guide. Without further ado, here are this year's favorites:

  • Bag it for a good cause -- these days, I tend to buy things with an eye on impact. I like to support creativity, so my new go-to shopping site is Etsy (recommendations are coming later in this post). I also like to support causes, so if I can find an item for which a purchase helps out a good cause, I'm in. Enter Indego Africa and their Yoga Mat Bags . Helping women out of poverty by purchasing a fair trade (and quite colorful and fashionable) yoga bag? YES! This is a perfect under $50 gift for yourself or a fellow yogi. Click here to learn more.
  • Homemade Bath and Beauty Products -- I love MojoSpa products so much that I need some sort of 12-step program. Amanda is the lovely beauty product alchemist behind Mojo Spa and she's been whipping up beauty products for over a decade. She currently carries over 250 products, including awesome lip glosses (my favorites are the ones infused with energy from an embedded crystal -- how cool is that?), deodorant (finally -- a natural deodorant that actually works), soaps, makeup (I can't say enough about the Illuminata Herbal Makeup, the color adjusting Twinkle Mineral Makeup, and the Beauty Mark Concealer (best concealer ever! I'm guessing that has to do with the secret ingredient -- Neem Oil.), moisturizers, bath products, and perfume oils. The shipping is super speedy and the prices are fair, if not quite inexpensive. I can't say enough good things about Mojo Spa (if you live in the Chicago area, you can actually go there in person). Click here to get your beauty mojo back. 
  • Surround Yourself with Beauty -- my yoga room/work space has white walls, so I like to dress up my space with colorful art. I enjoy beautifying my space and the folks over at Art Loves Yoga make it easy. I loved the designs so much that I ended up buying a yoga mat that I didn't even need (I actually leave it unfurled at all times because it looks so darned beautiful). In addition to yoga mats and towels bearing the gorgeous designs, Art Loves Yoga recently released a line of Intention Cards and prints . The prices are more than reasonable, the customer service is excellent, and the designs are breathtaking. If you'd like to take a look at the merging of art and yoga and to buy yourself or someone you love a unique gift that merges form and function, click here .
  • Buy Homemade -- I was introduced to Etsy a few years back and I've been a huge fan ever since. I've met the nicest, most creative people who sell the lovliest, most unique items. I've purchased everything from clothes to jewelry to makeup on this site. Here are some of my favorite shops of the year:

                Enid Harris -- a lover of Buddhism and world religions, Enid designs jewelry that is                 adornment for the body. They are inspired by the world's religions and spiritual traditions.                 Each piece is handmade and an original created from select symbols of strength, spirituality                 and power. Her knowledge and experience as a costume and fashion designer combined                 with her love of sacred symbols and interest in the world's religions make each piece                 one-of-a-kind. She uses amulets, talismans, semi-precious stones, rose cut diamonds,                 images of spiritual icons and other aesthetically complementary elements. The result is a                 work of art that offers the wearer not only beauty but a sense of empowerment, healing and                 protection. My favorites are the energy meditation bracelets. Click here to see the entire                 collection.

                Kyle Anne Metals -- if you're looking for modern handmade jewlery and one-of-a-kind gem                 stone pices, check out Kyle Anne Metals . The pieces are simple, elegant and just lovely.

                Tickle Me Pink Boutique -- I bought a friend of mine a collage necklace from this fun and                 funky shop and I am still getting thanked for it. This is the perfect shop to find something for                 that hard to buy for person on your list.

                Made By Dina -- I just love the Wish Bracelets offered by this shop. They are inexpensive                 gifts that are fun and meaningful. Simply tie one of these be-gemmed bracelets on your                 wrist and make a wish. When the bracelet falls off, the wish will be granted. a                 genie in a bottle, only more fashionable. Click here to see the Wish Bracelet collection.

                Progress in Health -- if you're looking for inexpensive all natural mineral makeup and                 holistic skincare, this is the place to shop. My favorites are the Ultra-Hydrating Mineral                 Facial Moisturizer with Argan Oil and Mineral Makeup Perfect Match foundation. The                 customer service is excellent (if you need help with a color match or a product suggestion),                 the prices are low, and the shipping is speedy.

                EnerChi -- think Energy Muse without the high price tag. I love the energy enhanced                 intention jewelry in this store and the packaging that the items come in is the nicest I've                 ever seen (and environmentally-friendly too).

                Every Eskimo -- this ecclectic little shop has a wide variety of off-beat and seriously cool                 items, but my favorites are the hand-stitched critters . I have a bunch hidden in various                 places in my office and they never fail to make me smile when I see them.

                Eco Chic -- imagine living in Costa Rica part-time, living on a sustainable farm and riding                 your horse to work...That's what the life of the Eco Chic shop owner is like. Her eco fashions                 are stylish, functional, and downright cool. Check out the collection here .

                Sew English -- I'll never look at throw pillows the same way ever again! Take a look for                 yourself and you'll see what I mean.

                I could list so many more, but for the sake of space, I won't. All I can say is -- check out         !

I also highly recommend the fabulous audio programs from Sounds True and the downloadable media from One Taste . And if you want to give someone a gift of a year's worth of yoga without having to leave the house, check out and their yearly subscription, which averages under $10/month.

Okay, that's it for this year. Now go forth and buy goodies for your friends and loved ones (or maybe yourself).



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