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The chaos of moving is here, but...

Posted Sep 11 2008 3:36pm

The chaos of moving is here, but I can still find my sense of balance and rootedness in Vrksasana (Tree Pose)! What an excellent pose to work on this week! As life marches on and becomes more chaotic and busy, finding our inner foundation is the key to staying present and in the moment. There is no better way to see if we are really here than to practice a balance pose like Vrksasana.


1. Stand with the feet together and the arms by your sides. Feel the weight of the body distributed evenly through the feet, front and back, side to side. Lift through the crown of the head, lengthening the back of the neck.

2. Bend the right leg at the knee, raise the right thigh and bring the sole of the right foot to the inside of the ankle or up to the inside of the left thigh (note, do not put the raised foot on the inside of the knee).

3. Balancing on the left foot, press the standing leg and the raised foot together firmly, creating a new center line of gravity, assisting your balance. Bring the hands to prayer position at the heart, or raise both arms over the head keeping the elbows straight with the shoulders and jaw relaxed. Hold the posture while breathing gently through the nostrils for 5 complete cycles of the breath.

4. Lower the arms and right leg with a sense of mindfulness and grace. Return to the starting position with feet together and arms at the sides. Pause for a few moments, noticing the quality of both sides of the body. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Pose Notes~

Regular practice of Vrkshasana helps to focus the mind and cultivate concentration in all areas of our lives. Imagine a tree in the mind’s eye, and begin to develop a sense of your body being the tree. The roots extending into the earth from the feet, The leg as a steady trunk, rooting you to the earth, but lifting you toward the sun. Branches reach toward the sky, in a relaxed, yet strong manner. You may be unsteady for a while and find the body swaying back and forth, but note this is one great strength of a tree: the innate ability to allow the wind to move it without knocking it down.

May your life be enriched through the practice of Yoga. I will post as often as possible as we make the transition to Rome. Namaste~

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