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The Blind Men and the Elephant

Posted Sep 13 2008 2:05am

Blind_men_elephant_japanese_small_1Variations of theblind men and the elephantstory are the result of what lesson is being imparted. One could argue that each of the blind men are describing different aspects of the 'truth' so they are all correct within their own experience. The other would suggest that holding on to your point of view disallows a larger truth to be discovered.

It's a brilliant parable. We have different points of view depending upon our experiences and opportunities. We all have our blind spots too, whether conscious or unconscious.

Newscasts often remind me of this painting and then I envision all of us spread out on planet earth proclaiming our "grip" of reality as true and right. It must be pretty funny to an on-looker, alien or omnipotent. Then I speculate on how change would begin. Somewhere it develops, the faith that would allow a few people to release their grip and work their way over to the loudest outcry. They then begin to realize that they're in it (on it) together by trading views.

Walking a mile in someone's shoes didn't work. I have hope in technology. I sat at home yesterday and received and exchanged ideas with people across 3 time zones. Then articles, pictures, and videos flashed before me from my computer and left me richer with thoughts and emotions without me even walking out my front door.

All that seems to be needed is the desire to understand others, and the comfort of knowing that releasing our hold of this physical world, takes us to something bigger and better! Why argue for a
white elephant?

Here's a sampling of my web-weaving for the day:

Free Hugs. A YouTube video with a happy ending.

Steven Wiltshire (5:15 minute video).This is a man, an artist savant, with an exceptional ability to see, recall, and reconstruct.

A Good Argument. What's an argument? Why argue? How to argue creat ively.

Point of View on PBS.

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