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The 60 Second Reboot

Posted Aug 27 2013 5:07pm

Change can seem like a big, hairy, scary, long, and painful process. I disagree. Thinking about change can make it seem like this is true but the actual point of change -- the moment you make the choice -- is quite painless. I experienced this for myself many times over these past couple of years. I made a number of big life changes that, when I had thought of them previously, seemed overwhelming. Just thinking about them made me feel like I would be undertaking a Herculean task, and I truly believed that it would take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to "get through" them. My mind screamed, "You can't turn the Titanic on a dime."

But I did. I made a decision, and I chose something different. That simple act changed everything. My whole experience shifted once I made the decision. Yes, I had my moments of fear, doubt, and confusion but, ultimately, I kept coming back to my decision. Imagine my surprise when everything seemed to work out smoothly, easily, and for my highest good. That's when I realized that you're only as happy as you decide to be. There's always another moment where you can choose something else, where you can make a decision to do X and not Y. Granted, you may not like the choices available, but there are always choices available to you.

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson is taking a step away from sheer yoga pants (sorry, I couldn't resist...I'm not a hater -- I have plenty of Lululemon pieces in my wardrobe) and focusing on a new endeavor -- Whil. What is Whil, you ask? It's a 60-second, 3-step meditation . The idea behind it is to make a choice of peace over burnout. The ultra quick time expenditure makes it an easy choice to make. You can learn more about Whil here .

Personally, I have an alarm set to go off every 60 minutes. It reminds me that I have a choice in that moment. I can move or stay still. I can stay with the thought train running through my head or pick a new thought that serves me better. I can choose distraction or get back into presence. I can choose to avoid or to get in touch with what I'm feeling and wanting in the moment. I may not be practicing Whil but it works for me.

If you'd like to read more of Chip's story, you can find it here . It'll be interesting to see where he takes Whil.

But whether you're a Chip Wilson fan or not, can you see how pausing for a minute can have a profound change in the course of your day, and ultimately, your life? Why not try Whil or go your own way and set a timer to go off at regular intervals during the day so that you can give yourself the space to see all of the possibilities before you. It's your choice -- you can realize that you have the power and step into it or you can not. Just remember -- you have a choice.

Namaste! Widgets
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