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Thank you all so much for your s...

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:30pm

Thank you all so much for your supportive, positive comments on my menus for this week. Both events are over and they went well. The St. Patrick’s Day menu was a bigger hit than last night, but both were well recieved.

I have to say, by Tuesday night (we went to a reception that night) I was completely wiped out. As we already had another dinner planned for Wednesday, it was necessary to just work with it and not get all cranky and bent out of shape about being overscheduled. Even though I had things I “needed” to do, I went to bed early on Tuesday. I noticed that I felt guilty going to bed- and I didn’t sleep well. Wednesday morning I was blurry and tired and had so. much. to. do.

At the last minute, I decided to simplify Wednesday’s menu so I wouldn’t have as much to do- we had rice instead of potatoes and fresh fruit for dessert instead of the crisp. It worked out famously and I got to take a nap before the dinner, which I desperately needed.

The theme of what I noticed was the undue pressure I put on myself to do EVERYTHING. And quite frankly, I simply cannot at this point in my life. From standing over the stove all day Monday and then standing around in high heels all night, I had a relapse of the tingling and numbness in my arm. When I push myself beyond my limits, my body- good friend- let’s me know that it’s too much. The silly thing is, I don’t *have* to do everything. I have full permission to relax and enjoy myself. Why don’t I?

This is such a fundamental question to Mothers everywhere. Maybe people everywhere. Why do we manufacture ways to be too-busy with little details instead of focusing our energy on our kids, our families, our well-being? Does it really matter if the croutons are made from homemade foccacia? Will it be noticeably better if the soups are made with homemade broth vs. store bought? I really don’t think so.

So next time, I will start out with the intent to do less and enjoy more. I will not worry at all about including Clara in the function- after all, it’s my house. I will not hesitate to use the resources that I have available to me to take the pressure off. I refuse to believe that my worth is somehow going to be measured by niggling details- I know Clara isn’t going to remember that I made the broth. She will most likely remember that I was distracted by cooking and not paying attention to her!

Are there things that you do that you don’t have to do? Self-manufactured pressure? Is there anything you can let go of in order to give yourself a little breathing space?

Here in Italy, it’s a long weekend for Easter. We are planning a visit to the beach and a picnic. I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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