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Testimonial- Sean Pamphilon

Posted Mar 07 2009 3:23pm
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Sean Pamphilon

I am writing to extol the virtues of Regis Chapman, who I have known for the better part of two years.
I first met Mr. Chapman while working on a documentary film, at the Sivananda Yoga Farm, in Grass Valley, California. To shoot my project I was expected to live at the ashram (3 months total) and immerse myself in the culture and lifestyle, which included a vegan diet, regular asanas (yoga exercises), meetings and lectures, required of the spiritual aspirants.
Regis (aka "Durgadas") was one of the main instructors at Sivananda Yoga Farm and was assigned to be my "teacher," which wasn't going to be easy, considering I had been a long-time cynic, ate fast food regularly and the most exercise I was accustomed to, was walking to the refrigerator from the living room.
I can't say that my habits and lifestyle have changed completely, but I've made steady progress in every facet of my life and owe a great deal of gratitude toward Regis Chapman. Over the past few years, Regis has not only become my valued friend, but de facto life coach, as well. Combining a obvious intelligence with what can best be described as a "compassionate bluntness," Regis has helped me get connected to many of the things that have held me back personally and hindered me, professionally.
He has displayed the ability to listen at length and have specific recall of what I've confided, but it is his uncanny knack of putting what he's been told into proper context and offering a healthier approach, which has been incredibly beneficial to my spiritual path and personal development. He invariably can recommend a healthier approach to living, whether it be from offering insights from personal reflection, or by recommending just the right book or source material, to aid in the solution.
What I appreciate most is that he hasn't tried to offer these "fixes" based on agenda or his personal opinions. Rather, he mainly listened, discussed and helped guide me toward the revelations I had inside me all along. This lack of ego has allowed me to be receptive to his insights and helped me make important changes in my way of thinking, while at the same time empowering me, for I've had to be actively engaged in the process.
His background in athletics and understanding of the way the body functions, in addition to being a voracious reader and keen intellect, make Regis Chapman a very well rounded individual who has made a significant contribution to my path toward health. I would highly recommend him to anyone whose goal is physical, personal and spiritual development.
Sean Pamphilon
Emmy Award winning producer/writer/filmmaker
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