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take a look at If mobile power not

Posted Dec 25 2012 8:50am
Said mobile power electric supplier network marketing product can Mobile power in the electricity supplier is not doing very wrong brand, according to the author's understanding, Yu Bo, quality wins, electrically small second, they belong to the pioneer of electricity providers, in addition to Sinoe, Lizhong, SSK, etc. But behind the product can be said to the mobile power a case worth studying in network marketing, so I take this to their own observation and shallow book see this to be a share. 1, the timing of marketing products can accurately goods can really jumped the market, probably in early 2012, that is to say, at this time, the electricity supplier strategy product can bear fruit, methods Lynx mall explosion models. This time, it is moving the crazy rise of the power supply through the end of 2011, but still the mobile power bank vast majority of consumers do not have the brand awareness, through mature electrical trade practices operate very large results, according to the statistical data of mobile power network at least six consecutive months or more, in the sale of the first, a single product to monthly sales of 20,000 units. The price positioning product can handle best time. In early 2012, the price war has been spread, no way to crazy attitude 20000mAh mobile power bank mobile power supply can be purchased for as they are now 45 yuan, although industry is known as a joke, but the user does not know. To the author's memory products marketing, 5000mAh basically pricing is still 120-150 mobile power yuan, while the products can be launched the single paragraph explosive goods PN-902, is priced $ 99. This is undoubtedly a successful pricing. I also purchased mobile power for iphone a PN-902 product can only be regarded as a low-end product, whether it is work product or product quality, but the use of a mobile power brand in the ignorance state, the product can be described as cast what they like. And just right. Also the use of consumer psychology, general users in the application of mobile power, basically 1-2 times completely enough. 3, the product can electrical supplier strategy is very accurate. Electricity supplier, are very clear in the explosion models Taobao or Lynx platform how to do? Should also be considered in addition to calculating the cost analysis of the background data, as well as a comprehensive assessment, product re-pricing or packaging product can burst models PN-902 from the original $ 99 to $ 88, are embodied with this strategy. After a successful explosion models, and then the thing to do is what? According to the author's judgment, there are many mobile power electricity supplier did not notice this, I can also be a personal opinion, if correct, take a look at If mobile power not, laugh it off. The first explosion models profit micro ranging from a few micro Taobao train to be coupled with price competition, internal promotion external promotion, brush the means of transactions, etc.. But you can attract traffic affect consumer shopping concept, such as a herd mentality. Here, we must launch a second product. This traffic through the first target consumers, try to convert the second paragraph of higher margin products. This led to the generation of the second explosion models, the merchants pay is low. 4, goods can move the positioning of the power supply capacity. 5000mAh mobile power users, the main low-end characteristics of this product is the price is relatively low, the vast majority of people can afford, another product of thousands mAh, this mobile power product flagship high-end, which is profitable. From mobile power for iphone a product perspective, is also in line with user demand characteristics. Ordinary users is to go out to get mobile power business, tourism, the charge on one or two fully adequate capacity there is a strong demand for electricity, such as mobile phone game users, IPAD Tablet users. Above marketing characteristics of the electricity supplier for the product can do a comprehensive analysis, also not the gunman, represents only see individual shallow book, does not mean that the proper perspective, the reader differentiate. mobile power bank Other brands have their own characteristics in marketing, in subsequent chapters, the author of 11 share, please correct me that time. Products mobile power for iphone but can also facing a major problem, brand and channel construction, for channel construction products, ultimately short-lived, As the author's point of view for the mobile power: the most important mobile power is not on the road, but who go to the end. '
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