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stretching at work

Posted by Guppy

I am a cashier who who works in a groc. 8 hours a day my work space is 2x3 foot. With no place to get away from customers. Any ideas how to stretch my back  WITHOUT  all of the smastass comments from customers,and trust me I get them. Very limited space to work in.
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Backbends and some twists would be best. Likely your break might also be best :-) You can do that (mildly) while standing. However I'd have to see your surroundings to give you more of an idea. 

Frankly starting a yoga practice with a sound, alignment-based teacher would begin this process for you. It's a question you can ask and have answered in-person. You might also consider wearing should that can be easily removed and use a marble, small can, or tennis ball under foot to roll periodically during your shift.


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