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So the procedure went well. I’m ...

Posted Sep 29 2008 1:03am

So the procedure went well. I’m home and feeling fine. For those of you who are curious, I had an ERCP to take a look at my biliary tree. There were no stones, but the little sphincter between the duodendum and the common bile duct was really inflamed, so they cut it open and took some tissue for analysis.

Okay, so all that being said, I took my Yoga mat to the hospital. Totally stashed it at the bottom of my bag. Before the procedure yesterday, I got in a bit of a practice, maybe, oh 30 minutes. It isn’t easy with an IV in your arm, but I managed some standing asana and also some yin asanas on the floor.

Then, this morning, they unhoooked me so I could get cleaned up and when they left, they asked me to push the call button when I was ready to be re-attached to the IV. Well, what a great opportunity to have a nice practice, eh? (Read: I was beside myself with excitement to be disconnected from the IV!!)

I was about 30 minutes into my practice and was actually in a headstand when the nurse came back to find out if I’d fallen in the toilet.


So, the poor nurse gave me a talking to (although I didn’t understand most of what she said) and put me back to bed with my IV. Once back in bed, I settled in to some meditation time, so it all ended well….

Thank you all for your good thoughts! I felt all the healthy energy you sent my way and obviously, it worked!

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