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silly season

Posted Aug 24 2010 12:00am

Cambridge is an academic city and in August everyone is on holiday, the roads round here that are always so busy in the morning are deathly silent, the newspapers are full of “hilarious” stories about snakes and monkeys, even Parliament is on holiday.  And this being the UK it’s also pouring with rain most of the time.

With just over a week until “back to school” (although well over a month for the University) and only two weeks left before I start teaching again I think it’s time for a silly season post of my own.

Weeks ago The Globetrotting Gamine (who’s blog I love), tagged me to share seven silly things about myself. I did something similar before so here’s seven new ones….

1.  The greatest television show of all time is Twin Peaks. Ma Yogini and I watched it religiously every Tuesday night. The early 90s were a good time for Washington state, bringing me both grunge and Agent Cooper.  Recently I watched both seasons again and they were still just as brilliant and just as ridiculous.

2.  Every year I long for summer but when it comes I find that I’m either a hot sweaty mess or under an umbrella sheltering from deluge.  Every year I forget that British summers are better in theory than practice.

3.  My go to comfort food is mashed potatoes with baked beans.  Himself, incidentally, makes the best mashed potatoes in the world.

4.  I went to convent school and hated pretty much every moment of it.  In retrospect, however, I am aware that I got a fantastic education.

5.  My favourite book is Donna Tart’s “The Secret History”.  Every time I read it I find something new in there.  The first time I read it I was one of a very clichey group of six studying Classics (yes I was one of those 17-year-olds, I can only apologise for my younger self).  Those of you who have read the book will see the similarities already – to my knowledge nobody in our group killed anybody, however.

6.  The first song I ever remember hearing was “Penny Lane” by the Beatles.  I listened to it on an old cassette player with Pa Yogini.  I liked the bit about the fire engine and sang it over and over again.  When I finished my Masters degree  I had the musical score from the chorus of Penny Lane tattooed across my back for posterity.

7.  Contrary to popular belief my favourite food is not cake.  It is Thai Green Curry.  When I was in Thailand rather than go trekking in the mountains I went on a Thai cooking course.  My Thai Curries are awesome.  Sadly Himself hates them and I hardly ever get to cook them anymore.  Would anyone like me to cook for them? :)

Readers, tell me one silly fact about yourselves…..

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