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Shanti-Town's First Prize Giveaway!! My Yoga Online

Posted Jun 09 2010 12:00am
My Yoga Online founders, Kreg Weiss and Michelle Trantina, courtesy of My Yoga Online

That's right, shanti-towners, it's prize time!

To what do we owe this gifting?  Well, let's just say it's because you're AWESOME.  And I've got a membership to give away...more on that in a moment.  First, the contest!

Since Shanti-town is all about yoga in relationship to real-life (the real kind, the kind with mess-ups and swearing and stuff, as well as the kind with inspiration and poetry and love-love-double-love), I thought it would be really fun* to have a photo contest!  Also, I have this sponsored prize I am lucky enough to give away, and I wanted there to be a fun way to choose the recipient--more fun than just, you know, "first one to leave a comment gets it."  So, without further ado, I present to you the  

First Official Shanti-Town Yoga in the World Photo Contest-a-thon!!!

*um, actually, my boyfriend gave me the idea for the photo contest.  Full disclosure.

(marching band! streamers! whistling!)

The idea is simple, find or take a picture of something that represents, for you, yoga in real life.  It can be directly yoga related, or it can be a picture bird that looks like a yogi...or...the way your girlfriend's face looks while she's sleeping.  Anything that makes you think, feel, or hear YOGA (or even what you imagine yoga to be...if you're not a practitioner yourself)...I want to see it!

I have a bunch of new readers that I've not had the chance to hear from and I would love to get a little pictoral view into your hearts and minds.

AND NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF...(drumroll please)...the P-R-I-Z-E!!!

I got this great offer from My Yoga Online (a site which I will elaborate on in a moment) to give away one free 2-week unlimited membership to their site to one of my readers.  Not only is this awesome because finally I get to be one of those blogs who gives stuff away (heh heh), but also because I've now been introduced to a new yoga site that is actually pretty dang awesome.

My Yoga Online is a treasure-trove of yoga and wellness--they have hundreds of hours of videos (classes, lectures and workshops) that you can stream or download, most of them taught by renowed teachers in the yoga community.  They've got flow classes and vinyasa classes and pre-natal classes and classes for waking up and classes for going to bed...they even have videos with meditation instructions, meditations on sounds, meditations on thoughts...there are even lectures and interviews (for all you total yoga nerds out there.  Like, um, myself).

In addition to the videos they have tons of informative articles on yoga, nutrition and well-being, a feature where you can create and host your own blog or wellness diary on their site, and best of all...they are building a whole community of users who you can interact with, ask questions of, and connect to.

For my readers who aren't avid class-goers, either due to nerves about group practice or a hectic schedule, this kind of online yoga community can be a really great option.  The class videos range from 5-90 minutes in length and there are all levels of practice to choose from, from beginning to advanced, and you can search by length, level and teacher, which just makes everything easier.

So, to the lucky winner of the First Official Shanti-Town Yoga in the World Photo Contest-a-thon shall go one free two-week unlimited membership to My Yoga Online .

Even if you're not a prize-motivated-person (and hats off to you), participate! Do it! Photo me up, yo!

Send your photo to me at by Wednesday, June 30th! I'll post the finalists once I get 'em and the winner will be chosen at random.
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