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Satsang SaMo

Posted Jun 01 2006 12:00am

Ashley Turner 's bhakti ( devotion ) centric classes are known for their traditional and philosophical depth coupled with a strong and transformative asana flow. Small44620f32eaeb5 I am fortunate to have discovered her classes at SMPY several years back. Her insights @ last night's class dealt with Patanjali's ( compiler of the Yoga Sutra ) yamas and niyamas (guidelines on interaction with the outer world ).

Most meaningful for me was her pairing of the word

" santosha " ( contentment ) with a challenging asana - raja kapotasana ( pigeon ). It was uplifting to hear "santosha "when my mind was chattering another mantra in English : " I can do this, I can hold this , 3 more ujayii ( victorious ) breaths = another 5 minutes  " .

One of Ashley's announcements after class made mention that one of my co-practitioners , Maria Rivas Hamer , was a candidate on June 6th for the position of Judge-Superior Court. 

I didn't know much about Maria so I took one of her flyers by the donation box. A couple of things grabbed my attention. Maria indicated that she wants to " pump some Prana in the judicial system " and that she currently provides free legal advice to victims of domestic violence. Sounds great to me.    Profilepic_1

Believe that Satsang ( company of the highest truth ) SaMo needs another Yogi -

to accompany our co-yogi and City Councilman Bobby Kennedy Shriver.


Please visit to learn more about her Brazil Immersion Retreat with Brazilian teacher Lygia Lima on June 10th.      

  Obrigado !                                                                           Cityhall_photo

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