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Review: Yoga for Everyone

Posted Apr 25 2009 11:01pm

Bollywood dance queen and yogini Hemalayaa Behl has just released another DVD in conjunction with Acacia entitled Yoga for Everyone. Like all of Hemalayaa's DVDs this one is segmented so you can easily fit a routine into a busy schedule. The DVD offers two, 20-minute practices -- one being a easy stretch practice that awakens body awareness (slow easy movements combined with relaxing facial exercises -- think Lion roar) and the other being a core awakening practice that uses the bija mantras of "yum" and "rum."

This DVD is like slipping into a hot bath filled with scented bubbles -- ahhhhhhhhhh! Hemalayaa's playful side emerges fully in these practices and not taking things too seriously melted the stress from my body. I found both practices to be like a breath of fresh air -- rather than focusing on tightening the abs or the butt or breaking into a sweat, this DVD focuses on getting you in your body, releasing tension (I especially loved the facial exercises Hemalayaa incorporated throughout), and expanding joy.

If you're looking to be physically challenged and attempt feats of flexibility and strength, this DVD isn't for you. Rather, this DVD offers two practices that soothe your mind and body and are short enough to fit into your daily schedule. Slow fluid movements, chanting, Lion roars, and smiles are the name of the game here. I found it to be a refreshing change from the typical yoga DVDs.

In the introduction, Hemalayaa shares her own personal experience with yoga and how practicing consistently for 20 minutes a day has been powerful for her (way more beneficial than a sporadic 90-minute practice). She also expouses the benefits of a joyful practice rather than a serious one. If her demeanor throughout the video is any indication, her daily practice is working for her.

I'm a fan of Hemalayaa's and this video was exactly what I would have expected from her -- fun, feel-good, and full of smiles. If you'd like to see a preview of the video, click here to go to Acacia's YouTube page. You can buy a copy of Yoga for Everyone and see another preview clip of the DVD on Amazon. I loved this DVD and I'm sure you will too!

A Few Random Notes (and some links)
I'm heading into a weekend of intensive yoga study and won't emerge until Sunday evening (and by then my brain is over-taxed and incablable of writing a blog post). Before I go, I wanted to mention a few things:

  • I've added a " Highly Recommended" page on this blog that features my very favorite things (you'll see the link on the upper left side of the blog under Useful Links). I'll be adding more things that I love shortly, but this is a start. I always love when folks pass on resources that they love to me, so I like to do the same. Enjoy!
  • I've also recently updated this blog's Amazon store, which you will see on the Highly Recommended page. Because I get so many questions about which yoga books, DVDs, CDs and products I recommend, I built an Amazon store with all my favorites. I just updated if with my most recent finds. Have fun browsing!
  • The Chapeau Blog Awards voting is in full swing. This blog has been honored with a nomination and needs your vote. Click here to vote. Voting runs through April 30. Thank you for your support!


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