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#reverb11 – 10 more prompts for tuesday

Posted Dec 27 2011 3:13am

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas?  Ours was quiet as it was just Himself, me and the cats (who spent most of the weekend eyeing up a robin’s nest outside the window), but lovely. And Santa bought me a much coveted Kindle.  As you know I’m a fan of Stephen King who writes books by weight so it will be a relief not having to hold those up anymore! ;)

10 more reverb posts today by way of a catch up (read them all ) – enjoy and see you later in the week!


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16. What did you accomplish?

A new business, pregnancy massage certification, hot stone therapy certification, Foundation course certification,  Pilates teacher training. But you know all that.  What I really feel I accomplished this year is a belief in myself in a way I’ve never had before.  Granted, I still get all worked up about not doing enough, about other’s doing “better” than me, but ultimately I’m more content with myself right now than I’ve been in a long long time – sod what anyone else thinks!

17. When were you the most grateful?

When I finished Pilates teacher training. Honestly. I don’t think I have ever pushed my body quite so hard as I did in those trainings between September and November.  If I’m honest with myself I’m still paying the price.  Sometimes, while I have to remember that I am stronger than I think I am, I also have to remember this doesn’t mean I have to push myself to my limits all the time.  Lesson well and truly learned now I think!

18. Who touched your heart?

Every single client who has trusted their body to me over the last year!

19. Where did you visit?

London (more times than I care to remember – remind me why I moved again!?)
Cambridge Botanical Gardens – a lot
Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Singapore, Hong Kong
Durham (for training)
Leicester (for yoga conference)
Manchester (to see Black Stone Cherry )
The County Fair
And tomorrow I am very excited to be off to Solihull for the day ;)

20. When did you cry?

When didn’t I cry?  I cry at Neighbours for heaven’s sake!

21. Where did you spend your time?

At the clinic .  On the sofa.  In front of my computer.  In bed.  On trains.  Driving.  Trainings + conferences all over the country.  At gigs.

2. What were your favourite songs?

“Dear Rosemary” by Foo Fighters was my song of the year.  It will come as no surprise to anyone that the Foos’ Wasting Light was my album of the year and this is the song that blew me away off that album.  Mostly because it has my long time hero Bob Mould on guitar and backing vocals and is very heavily Husker Du influenced.  As the Grohl always says – no Husker Du, no Foo Fighters.

Also noted are “Stay” by Black Stone Cherry, “The Adventures of Raindance Maggie” by Red Hot Chili Peppers (although most of the rest of their new album was disappointing), every single damn song on Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Coldplay’s “Paradise” (the only Coldplay song in history not to make me want to weep/kill myself).

23. Who did you miss?

Does London count as a “who”?

24. When did you take the easy way?

Ha ha ha!  Never!  I am not noted for taking the easy way.  But I’m working on it.  I have a tendency to think the only things worth doing are worth working your ass off for, but I’m starting to wonder if that is a healthy attitude, especially when I hardly ever get any time for myself!

25. Where did you eat?

Mostly at home. I’m not so big on eating out as a) the portions are ridiculously large and b) I have become so ridiculously intolerant to so many things.  Two meals do stick in my head though – one on our first morning in Sydney in a cafe in Elizabeth Bay.  I was so hungry and tired and scrambled eggs and smoked salmon have never, ever tasted so good.  The other was at The Banff in St Kilda, Melbourne on Easter Sunday, the day we flew back to the UK.  We sat outside in the warm autumn sunshine and ate eggs and bacon in Black Iron Pans sitting next to two girls from Huddersfield. It’s a small world. (Also the meals I remember always contain eggs).

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