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Red rash after yoga

Posted by gia

Dear Health Maven,

 I tried doing the yoga headstand and shoulderstand and have developed this red pinprick rash on the front of my neck and around my eyes.  It is really red and spreads all the way to my shoulders - think it's called "petechial rash".  Have also been finding swallowing difficult.  Please let me know how to make it go away because it looks a bit horrible!  Thanks in advance.

 Best wishes,


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Hello Gia,

I don't know about Health Maven and so forth but...

The two asanas (postures or poses) you reference are not simple postures and should learned from a qualified yoga teacher with more than 200 hours of teacher training. If you have learned these in this manner then please direct the question to the teacher you have chosen. If you do not get a sound answer then perhaps this is not the teacher for you.

Having said that, in oder to do asana properly students need to develop proper actions in the body. Asana is not at all what it appears to be from the view of the passerby. When I teach beginners I am constantly looking for certain rudimentary actions in the physical body. When not present then students simply do not do certain postures - and we work together to cultivate those actions so that they can.

If you are breaking out in a rash it is possible you are having a reaction to the surface on which you are doing the poses - the rubber of the mat, a cleanser, the carpet, your clothing, perfume et al. It is tough to say.

It is also possible that you are agitating your nervous system and that is being expressed on the surface of the skin. It is also possible that your body reacts in this way to any inverted or upside down posture. Again, without seeing your practice it is impossible to say.

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