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R4i SDHC: A new flashcard for Nintendo DSi

Posted Mar 22 2013 6:51am

When using a Nintendo gaming device, the r4i cards are the only cartridges that are available for enhancing the user experience by giving an upgraded storage capability. Instead of just playing games in your Nintendo, the functionality of the device can be expanded to viewing movies, videos, reading ebooks, listening to your favorite music or MP3, going through your favorite photographs or just browsing through net. But to do all this, you surely need an external memory device as your beloved Nintendo device doesn't come equipped with any storage device. The answer to this crisis is the r4i card which is very easily and extensively available in the market at all prominent electronic gadgets store.

The R4 card team released the r4 sdhc cards specifically and exclusively for their Nintendo DSi customers. The team has to come up with this new card because with the advent of the Nintendo DSi, its earlier r4 cards were not compatible with them. So, it came up with a new series of storage devices, the r4i flashcards. A memory capacity of 32GB is offered through the medium of these r4 sdhc cards.

Now you don't need to carry multiple devices while on the go to carry out your tasks like a laptop for accessing your important mails, an ipod or other music handy player for listening your favorite songs, or watching movies. You just need your Nintendo gaming console powered by an r4i card and you are good to go.

Both web and simple retailers are offering the r4i card and that too at a very reasonable price. You just need to query them for the most compatible and well suited r4i card for your console and you will get a selection of a variety of these flashcards to choose from. Various discounts and offers are prevalent all year round on these cards. Most online retailers even offer home delivery option.its earlier r4 cards were not compatible with them. So, it came up with a new series of storage devices, the r4i flashcards. Cash on delivery option is also extended by some retailers which elevate their offer even more. Along with your flashcard comes a microSD card of 2GB and a manual depicting the steps for using and storing any type of media from the flashcard. These cards are very convenient to use. Just a simple drag and drop or copy and paste will do the trick. No additional software is required for making the media storing and retrieving from them operational.

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