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Pranayama for Stress Reduction

Posted by Lela D.

I asked my yoga instructor for the "magic pose" for relieving nagging anxiety that is mild but persistent. Surprise surprise, no magic pose to zap it once and for all. She suggested that I deepen my practice of breathing techniques. I admit this is not something I'm excited to do. However, the benefits I've received by taking her other advice are prompting me to give it a try. I found this website with a variety of articles about different aspects of pranayama, or yoga breathing. Let's try it out and report our results back here!

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I liked the suggestions from the website you recommended, especially breathing on the beach: I have had a number of friends take breathwork workshops and they've really enjoyed them. Personally, I would like to get into the daily (or, at least, very regular) routine of a simple, short meditative exercise just to help de-stress. A number of health gurus say even doing 5-minutes of meditation a day is quite beneficial for your overall state of mind, so the yoga breathing techniques sound right on.
I hate to admit it but Mom was right again. Think about it. How many generations of moms who knew nothing about yoga advised their kids to take a deep breath and count to 10?

I love pranayama and all my teachers have always incorporated pranayama into their classes. We have a tendency to forgot to "breathe" throughout our day and we build up a lot of toxins in our body. It makes sense that when we need to de-stress we need to incorporate yoga breathwork into our lives!

This is great info. about adding balance to your life (mentions yoga)--to help alleviate stress.

Namaste :)

It's so simple, but we do need reminders to breathe deeply. Some say even one complete breath is a meditation in itself. Yay to breathing!

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