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PranaVayu Yoga: A Comprehensive Mind-Body-Soul System

Posted Aug 08 2011 12:50pm
PranaVayu Yoga: A Comprehensive Mind-Body-Soul System

PranaVayu Yoga is built on the belief that we can help make the world a better place to live by personally working toward the full realization of our own highest potential as a happy, healthy and truly open human being.  As a community, we seek to accomplish our goals of positive mind body change by engaging in time tested practices that affect both the body AND the mind.  Since many of the limiting patterns and behaviors that we experience have their root in our mental outlook and daily actions, we supplement our physical yoga practices with dharma teachings from the Buddhist yogic tradition that can be used to understand which types of activities should be accepted and what types of things must be avoided if we wish to happy in daily life. Based on this understanding, we then consciously work to contribute to the happiness of others by integrating the six qualities of generosity, discipline, patience, effort, meditation and wisdom into our daily lives and actions. 

Though PranaVayu Yoga is at its heart a spiritual practice, our discipline also includes a unique set of physical practices designed to cultivate a strong and healthy body. Since so many of us have limited time to practice, I have aimed to make these practices more effective by applying scientific principles to our training approach.   To do this, I’ve derived a unique skeletal alignment system from simple engineering principles, developed a sequencing methodology that uses kinesiological principles to open stuck ranges of motion as quickly as possible, and have used a favorite technique of Olympic gold medalists called periodization to organize the classes that you’ll find here on into highly effective weekly practice routines for you to use at home.   

This combination works incredibly well!  By developing a system that will help you train smarter rather than harder, I’ve been able to shorten the physical portion of the practices that you’ll do here to 45 minutes each.  Because these practices are more efficient, many people have found that they are more effective than a full 2 hours of more randomized training.  Also, since research suggests that a full 12 minutes of meditation are required to achieve a true relaxation response, I’ve also included a 15 minute savasana into the end of every practice to help you wind down and relax at the end of every practice.

By using this methodology, I’ve seen thousands of students  accomplish things that typically take two or three years in a matter of weeks or months.  If you practice these routines in the order that they are presented, I’m confident that you will be able to progress both physically and mentally at a much faster rate than you might otherwise have thought possible too. 

Check it out for yourself!  If you have time to practice six days per week, then practice Series 1 listed below for the next three weeks, and you’ll find your practice growing by leaps and bounds. 

Short on time?  practice Series 1: Video IV listed below instead until you have more time to dedicate to accelerated training.


Practice overview
These three PranaVayu accelerated classes are designed to help you build full body strength and flexibility as quickly as possible through the use of intelligent weekly practice planning.  Since multiple repetition is the key to success in any physical discipline, the following three practices are each designed to be practiced twice per week as part of a full six-day practice cycle.   Practicing in this way will give your muscles time to rest and recover between sessions, which will in turn help you develop strength, flexibility, and balance faster than you might have thought possible! 

Video I : Yoga for Your Hips and Hamstrings

To be practiced on:  Mondays and Thursdays

Filmed live in Boston, this one hour accelerated sequence begins with guided breathing practices to help you release stress, then includes a structured sequence of postures that will help you build the strength and flexibility necessary to perform the full lotus pose.  This practice concludes with a Buddhist inspired meditation on compassion.

Video II: Yoga for a Bendy Back
To be practiced on: Tuesday and Friday

This one hour accelerated sequence begins with guided breathing practices to help you release stress, includes a structured sequence of backbending postures that will help you deepen postures such as the bow and the wheel, and concludes with a Buddhist inspired meditation on loving kindness.

Video III: Yoga for Hip and Leg Toning
To be practiced on: Wednesday and Saturday

This PranaVayu accelerated sequence is designed to complement video I and II of our six day practice series. This challenging practice includes breathing practices to help you release stress, a standing pose sequence designed to help you tone and strengthen your lower body, and concludes with guided a guided meditation designed to help you reduce anxiety and worry. 

Series I:  Video IV Full Body Strength and Toning

Full body strengthening and conditioning practice for those short on time and not able to flow with the complete 6 day practice cycle.
To be practiced on: For optimal effect, practice this video on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

This challenging 1 hour sequence is designed to provide optimal results for those with limited time to practice.  Designed to be practiced as a stand alone routine three times per week, this class includes traditional guided breathing practices, a full warm-up and cool-down cycle and a structured sequence of poses intended to systematically strengthen and stretch your entire body.  To help you learn to consciously relax, this class also includes a full 15 minutes of guided meditation in savasana.

May all sentient beings experience peace! 

David Magone

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