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Pirates of the Caribbean.....and Whizz Kids.

Posted May 16 2011 7:29pm
Thanks to Whizzkids (see Note below) and Disney Ireland we got to attend the premiere of Pirates of the  Caribbean: On Stranger Tides which screened in Cineworld, Parnell Street on Sunday. WiiBoy was delighted that himself and his pal would get to see the movie before it opened to the public. I was delighted that I was going to see the gorgeous and wacky Johnny Depp!

Before I continue I have a confession to make. I have not actually seen all of these Pirate movies of Johnny Depp but rather caught snippets. I did see most of one of them and loved Johnny's performance. I really must treat myself to a DVD set! I was really looking forward to this new movie! And besides, the proper way to view a Pirates movie is on the big screen isn't it?. In 3D.  Although there were a lot of scenes in this movie not in 3D. I also found it a bit disconcerting trying to adapt to the 'foggy' effect in some scenes, namely the wharf, the Inn and on the ship. In fact, at one point  I actually absent-mindedly removed my plastic 3d glasses to clean them!

I'm not going to reveal much about the storyline, one-liners or special effects here so as not to ruin it for anyone. You've got to go see it for yourselves!

This was a funny, action packed movie! It was definitely Swoonville and as far as Johnny Depp goes.... he didn't disappoint me. I love him in movies, he always chooses  the most  unusual movies to star in and wackiest of characters to portray. He was fabulous in this movie. His timing is superb and his delivery impeccable and hilarious! I must say though, his portrayal of the womanising, love-'em and leave-'em, drunken, cheeky-boy Pirate of the Caribbean has a distinct camp edge to it. Which only adds to the hilarity!

The surprise for me was the actor Ian McSwoon, he of that TV Drama series Lovejoy. How I adored him in that. Hang on, did I just say Mc Swoon? I did, didn't I? Sorry I meant McSHANE, of course.... Ian McShane!   He is just too gorgeous....

Anyway, I digress... all these gorgeous men! Hot on the tails of some some hot Eurovision guys on Saturday night too!

Ian puts in a powerful performance in this movie. He makes a wonderful baddy as Blackbeard... with the most striking eyes and devilish smile. Terrific. Geoffrey Rush and Kevin McNally were very good too but I found the latter a little hard to understand at times.

There's some Swoonville for the guys too as Penelope Cruz stars along with some other gorgeous looking 'women' ;-) Penelope was stunning as ever. She is a beautiful woman. I thought there was something different about her though. A little fuller in the face and body perhaps?Then I found out she was pregnant whilst filming. She looked amazing.

There was something in it for the pair of Whizz Kids we had with us too. Not the women now. Well, I don't think they were that enamoured of the women, although there may have been a giggle or two at some 'love-interest' moments! Thankfully those scenes were relatively short lived and non too graphic ;-) No, there was lots of boy stuff in this movie: Sword fights and special effects. I thought a couple of the fight scenes a bit to scary for the little ones though. This movie carries a PG 13 rating.

This is a long movie running at about 2 hours but we honestly didn't feel the time going as we were totally caught up in it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Tranger Tides opens in cinemas in Ireland on May 18th and in the US on May 20th! Here's a trailer

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Note Whizz Kids is a computer and technology based summer camps for children. They have a range of programmes that open up the world of multimedia to boys and girls aged 8+. From  summer camps in top class Universities in Dublin, Cork, Limerick Galway, to tailored programs delivered to you on your doorstep, they offer a range of programmes that will educate and entertain. 

WiiBoy attended a Whizz Kids summer camp last year and loved it and wants to go again this year. As the site says 'computers and technology plays a huge role in our everyday lives' so this camp is ideal for children with an interest in technology. It is therefore particularly ideal for children like WiiBoy and will enhance their technological ability, in  my opinion.
I have not been asked to write this post but do so of my own volition and as a thank you to Whizz Kids for affording me the pleasure of attending two Irish premieres in recent months!     See here for details of this year's camps and phone Garry Lowe at  (061)  339178 with any queries.

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