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Path to Yoga Teacher Training

Posted Aug 31 2007 2:11pm 3 Comments

I am going to Shiva Rea's foundational vinyasa flow teacher training in the middle of September. It is a 4-day workshop. I'll be posting notes on my progress here as I get "prepared" to go.

I have been doing yoga on and off for quite a while, but only started getting serious about it last November. I am not the most naturally flexible person in the world, and I'm no longer in my 20s. You won't see me popping a wheelie (the wheel) anytime soon. I am not interested in being a yoga "star" or doing the most dazzling yoga tricks anyway.

I am interested in yoga teacher training because I think it will help deepen my practice and understanding of yoga, and give me an additional tool I can offer to my healing clients.

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Hi Stephanie,

I wish I could take some of Shiva Rea's training's! Your lucky!!!! I have only been doing Yoga a lil over 4 year, and started teaching about a year ago....... And loving ever minute of it, just can't get enough....... I'm sure not the most flexable person and will never be, but I will be all I can be.

So..... your not in your 20's anymore..... OH MY...... LOL Does that make you OLD????? And your not popping a wheelie????? Well it took me a year of hard work before I could pop a wheelie....... But now it's nothing to it, You can do it!!!!!! I have fath in you..... LOL Like you said, I'm not going to be a Yoga Star either, but I do want more understanding of Yoga. And want to be able to help others from what I learn. I'm following my Yoga Path to becoming a RYT, some day I will be there. But it's not something I have to be next week, I'm over half way there now.

So again, your not in your 20's anymore??????? Does that make you OLD????

LOL Wait till your old as me..... LOL 53 years young!!!!!!!


Hi Mark, thanks for your comments...hehehe...yeah, I guess I'm not OLD but I am older than I used to be! Shiva was a great teacher in many ways, and now I am going to get my full 200 hours at a small studio here in Los Angeles. The one thing about Shiva's training is that she is very athletic and flexible and does not really do trainings geared towards people with limitations. This is one reason why I am doing this other training soon...
Shiva Rea is awesome!

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