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Parivrtta aka Don't Get Twisted

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:42pm

Reverse_half_moon_3 I ditched the Angeleno Magazine party @ Holly's West Friday night. It's becoming apparent that TGIF partying and Saturday noon yoga practice are not a good fit. ( Guys, don't you know Thurs. is the new Friday nite - ).

Turned out to be a wise decision as Vytas Baskauskas had a new theme for his 1 PM class. Like the host @ Iron Chef stadium , he announced that the focus would be on twisting ( parivrtta ) . So from parivrtta trkonasana , ardha chandrasana to parsvakonasana we went. Vytas' feeling for flow in vinyasa plus his soundtrack of tunes made it all less daunting. The direct benefit of twisting or reversed asanas is the elimination of both physical and mental ama ( toxins ). The underlying emphasis is to ultimately cultivate equanimity , regardless of the situation -

Big pranam to Govindas-ji. Thanks for the great email. One of my inspirations for this blog is to share the joy that great practice and good teachers can create. ( Image via )

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