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Pain in the upper left area of abdomen and rib cage

Posted by Jeannieb

I have been experiencing extreme discomfort under my left rib cage and what I believe to be the abdomen on the left side. It is a cramping, pulling and sometimes stabbing pain. It does go between my lower back between shoulder blades but stays mostly on the left. After I eat I feel very bloated and the pain is worse. It is more like a full, awful discomfort. I get sweaty also after eating. It hurts to sit for long periods and I have fatique. I am 49 and pretty healthy. right now the pain is very bothersome. I take cymbalta and tramadol. I I am thin. 5 4 and 126 pounds. It is every day now and any opinion would be welcomed.It also hurts to touch the area near my left ribs.
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I to am feeling this costant discomfort in my left abdomin ive been to two doctors ultrasound still nothing if it wasnt for xanx id have gone crazy, its constant
I have no answer but I have been going through the same thing.  It hurts to touch my left ribs and after I ate a very large dinner today, oh my, the pain in my left side was stabbing.  I am also very thin 5'5" and 110# so maybe there is something about our size.  We will have to seek medical attention if it doesn't resolve.  But this started after I started on Zoloft (an antidepressent) and you are on Cymbalta.  Wonder if there is a connection?  Colleen
wow, i am female twenty seven, three kids, and for a while i have had pain in my upper left under ribs, and even in my lower left abdomen off and on for a long time! especially when i walk alot, which i love to do:( oh i also have had a hysterectomy and partial ooperectomy so i have no left ovary. i also get the pain around what seems to be the kidney area, along with the burnig sensations between my shoulder blades, i cannot stand the feeling, i would love to feel like im in my twenties again, any ideas would be much appreciated! i am also five foot four and 118. last thing i left out the pain in my lower abd area is tender to the touch if i push on it, and ive been experiencing malabsorbtion symptoms for about a year, including steatorrhea  :( thanks for any help at all :)
Well, I have the exact symptoms discussed here but I am overweight so I doubt there's any corrolation to the weight.  I do, however, take effexor and abilify but have for some time now and this has been quite sudden onset.  I woke up last Saturday morning with sharp, stabbing pain in what I would consider my last rib, in the back on the right side. Since then, it has not only spread around to the front but over to the left side, seemingly more severe. The things that cause the most pain are driving, (turning with my left arm is almost unbearable), coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, bending, twisting, pushing or pulling anything and getting up or down from a sitted position.  i am in nursing school and do not have the time nor inclination to just sit around and cannot miss classes for drs appts so was hoping it would be something simple and may find answers here. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, I'm close to thirty nine, 5;5" and weigh about 175.  The strangest part of all of this is that my very upper abdomen, like between my diaphragm and ribs seems to be very swollen.
I also have the same pain in may left side, rib area and around my back.  It is a very sharp stabbing pain that never goes away.  Had every test you can think of , CAT scan, x-rays, urinalysis, urine cultures, blood work for clots, lungs checked for blockage etc..  Then insulted by the doctor for 15 minutes and told how the pain doesn't exist but they could prescibe a pain pill which is probably all I wanted anyway!  I am in my 50's and have had the pain for 9 weeks.  It is really daily exhausting and then to know you can't get to the bottom of the problem.
Hello, my mother also has the same pain.  She has upper left abdominal pain/burning/inflammation that radiates to her back.  They diagnosed her with Herpes Zoster.  They gave her medication but she still has that pain.  I was browsing through the internet and noticed that there are a number of factors that contribute to that pain.  It said it could be Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Cancer, Kidney stones, Hernia, etc.  My mother is having another ultrasound done tomorrow to see if it could be something else besides the Herpes Zoster.
I have been having this pain for over 6 years now.  It is on my left rib and goes under my armpit and the back.  It was on and off before.  But now it is almost everyday.  It is a light pain but more of a pulling sensation.  I try to massage it or run hot shower on it and I feel better for a few hours.  It starts again when I stand for a few hours to cook or clean.  Sitting on the couch for a couple of hours also triggers it.  Please help!

I have pain under my left rib cage that radiates down to my left frontal side of my abdomal area.  I have had many tests performed like so many of you and the doctors found nothing. 

I won't give up because when someone has pain like this that lasts for over a year, it shouldn't be ignored.  I once had stabbing pain on my right side and for over two years the doctor couldn't find anything by testing me.  He later just thought it was acid reflux.  He then thought I made up everything.  Well, after two years I ended up in the ER with a full Gallbladder with stones and stones in my liver duct.  That day my Gallbladder was going to burst.  I had an ultrasound and they found stones and had them removed by surgery within 6 hours.  

So, I will not ignore this pain on my left side, I have recently found blogs where people have complained about the left rib pain and many had found out they had a cyst on their spleen by an ultrasound.

 So, I'm not saying that this is my or your case but, at least look into it with your doctor.  Some had benign cysts found inside the spleen or outside of it.  Again, this may not be your case and should be diagnosed by a doctor.  It could be anything.  I feel like my bottom right rib area is stronger and my bottom right rib area is very soft.  So maybe mine is a problem with my diaphragm.  So, I will ask questions to my doctor for this.

 Good luck to you. 



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