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Our Trip Away ..... Down Memory Lane

Posted Aug 31 2009 8:30am
We had a lovely few days away in Clonea Strand Hotel and on the car journey back home I started thinking about the many times we've stayed there.

Wiiboy has practically grown up there as we've been going since he was 18 months old!

We've had a lot of fun there over the years but it's not always been easy. We've had some horrific trips away in order to get where we are today. I remember the screaming sessions and when the staff offered to serve us our dinner in our room as things were so bad. They realised the stress we were under and wanted to help. I remember the running around the restaurantthe bar and EVERYWHERE! I remember the temper tantrums in the play loft and at bowling. Particularly at bowling! And more specifically the day I had to pick him up by the arms and legsin an effort to remove him from the cause of his stress. He succeeded in getting away from me and ran screaming and screeching throughout the whole hotelwhile I sat on the stairs and cried. For about 5 minutesthen I picked myself up and just got on with it! As we do!

And yet the staff always welcome us warmly every time we go down and are quick to comment on how tall and grown up our wiiboy is getting!

HoweverI remember the fun times more and how wiiboy has always loved the sea! And howwithin about 5 minutes of getting on the beach he'd manage to strip off all his clothes and wallow in the freedom of running through the waterno matter the hour or the temperature! I have some lovely sunrise photos of him skinny dipping age 3 .... but I don't think he'll thank me if I post them here!!

He also loves running! I remember the first time I put him on that beach. He was only 2 or 3 years old. It was December and he had his fleece on. I swear to God he took off with such gusto that I honestly believed he'd no intention of stopping until he reached England .... or France for that matter !! I had to race after him!

Now I remember where he got his love of theme parks! This is his first (and only!) trip to Tramore!!

And he loved playing in the hotel playground .... that gives you electric shocks!! He still remembers that!

On this trip howeverhe was much more sophisticated! No stripping off in public! But he still loves the water.

He LOVED his new Body Board!

And playing in the waves with it!!

Mind youhe did give me a bit of a fright last Thursday! He was playing in the waves and the tide was a good bit outon it's way back in again. Nowhe wasn't in too deep at all (not even up to his hips) but it was windy and he couldn't hear me calling him. My concern was that he kept going out further and furtherwith the older boysto catch the next waveand the next one. He always gets carried away. I was scared. I rolled up my trackie bottoms and in I went and got wet up to my waist in the process! I really do have a thing about getting "wet to my knickers" don't I! Anywayall was fine as a lovely man got in with his board and his kids and even gave wiiboy some instruction!
I guess the point of this post is to show how perseverance with holidays can pay off. Over the years that is. It helped I suppose that we've gone to the same place every year .... as I've said before : Familiarity breeds .....content! That's another reason why we always "go to the pub for Tea". That too took manymany years to get used to. I meanat first the child never ate there. I felt so mean but there was nothing I could do. But persevere. Now he eats there no problem. He eats the same thing every timebut so what?!
Sostick with it and persevere with whatever programmes and interventions you have in place and hopefully you can remember the fun times more too!! xx Jazzy
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