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Opened my eyes

Posted by Jessica K.

I'll be honest in saying at first I thought Yoga was not a true exercise class, if you will. I had never actually participated in any type of Yoga class, so I decided to try it and see what all the hype was about. I can honestly say it opened my eyes in so many ways, realizing its many benefits both physically and mentally. I can't tell you how many times I've recommended clients and fellow exercisers to try Yoga. Stanford has numerous classes for all to try so check them out! They're great!
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Yes! I have rarely heard someone sincerely try yoga and hate it. It seems to appeal to a variety of people of various ages and backgrounds. Of course, there are many different types of yoga and some types will appeal to certain people and others for others...but overall I think yoga can be something everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

I wish I could make everyone try it, at least for a few sessions (one session, I feel, isn't quite enough to really understand what it does for you...unless you are open to it like Jessica K. was.) My sister-in-law has already convinced her sons that it's weird to do yoga and she just doesn't think it would be "active" enough for her (she's into hockey.) Such a closed-minded attitude. I shrug it off, because I know that she is missing out and doesn't even know it. I'm enjoying a more peaceful mind than I ever have before and if others don't want to experience that feeling, that is their perogative.

Good for you, Jessica, for giving it a try instead of shrugging it off as silly hype.

I'm curious, Teresa, where does your sister-in-law live that she thinks it's "weird" to do yoga? I travel through other parts of the country sometimes and I still amazed at how many people are living in a very watered down world out there.
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