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Open Mind, Open Heart Workout

Posted Feb 27 2009 12:00pm

This is a beginning or intermediate-level workout that I used this morning. I originally scheduled time to do Savasana for ten minutes at the end, but I ran out of music (which is timed at 58 minutes). Enjoy!

Time: 1 hour

Music: Dakshina by Deva Premal 


~Stretching, 10 minutes

~Cat and Cow, 10 reps

~"Wild Thing" (from iYogaLife's Breakup Yoga Workout 1), 4 reps each side 

~Child's Pose, 3 breaths

~Triangle, 3 reps on each side

~Side Angle Lunge, 5 breaths each side

~Pigeon, 5 breaths each side

~Cobra, stages I-III and III-I

~Superman pose, 3 reps of 20 seconds each

~Camel, 5 breaths

~Shoulderstand, 5 breaths

~Bridge, 5 breaths

~Hip Flexers, 5 breaths each side

~Wide Stance Shoulder Opener, 5 breaths

~Tree, 3 breaths

~Extended Tree, 3 breaths

~Baby Dancer, 3 breaths each side

~Sun Salutations, 5 reps 

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