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offensive firepower without horse.

Posted Dec 27 2012 2:14am
Over the past four games, the rockets games are under the astonishing 118.75 points, attack efficiency is also at the league. Four games down, in the face of defensive efficiency were ranked second and fourth bear, the bulls in the first half, the rockets are air max 2011 often can get double-digit lead, and broken grizzlies continuous and field will limit points below 100 points proud record.The rockets now run play mode and the past, such as the sun and the team's run boom style is not exactly the same. The rocket is for defensive cases run play, but also is not blindly 3 shots, but more impact each other the basket score. Such as with the bulls game, the rockets cut down 120 points, including inside scoring reached 66 points. "We'd better offense is our defense, when we can play fast break, offensive efficiency is so high," parsons said. "We open space for haddon do he good at things, let me or LinShuHao propulsion ball, air max 2011 mens and made o follow score," parsons said. Four straight to the rockets running is the affirmation of the play. In fact, the rockets in the pre-season with respect to establish this style. But because the family McHale's sake, missed for a long time, the team make assistant coach Sampson hands. After McHale returns, air max 2011 womens the team and a period of debugging, and now finally have the good effect. After the victory over the Chicago bulls, McHale to the team's performance is very satisfied: "our players run very hard, and long also very beautiful, we made great lead, this some unexpected." And after the baptism of four-game winning streak, the rockets more soldiers to adapt to this kind of style. "Our players for this kind of style the feeling is getting more and more good, very comfortable to promote attack, rotary ball also do very well, we also continue to improve, we are a very young team, there are so many places that need improvement, I hope to be able to do it," McHale think the rockets can do better. After the Christmas Eve and Christmas festival after the war victory, Houston rockets tomorrow will be away in the second game of a back to back, cheap air max 2011 against the Minnesota timberwolves. In the face of the former coach rick adelman's team, the rockets can continue in a row? Recent find feel haring combination will continue to hurricane? Recent rocket even g the knicks, 76, Memphis and bulls get four-game winning streak. The more good, is haring combined with up-and-up. The former against Chicago, three games down, LinShuHao [micro bo] is averaging 18.3 points and 8.3 assists, a total of 39 shots hit 22 goals; Haddon averaging also has 30.7 points, and throw in 25. In playing time, order and rotation of shots on the distribution, Kevin McHale LinShuHao to use, the emergence of a new train of thought. Against the bulls, LinShuHao scored twenty points, 11 assists and haddon is scored 26 points 5 rebounds and assists. Daryl morey season - before the conception, is slowly prototype appeared. Compared with the first after suppression Yang, the forest Wolf this season is very unlucky, frequent injuries to invade, once made
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