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Ode to Jasmine the Awesome

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:20am
So, I've missed a bunch of days and a bunch of classes, (not in life, but on this blog). In life, I've been going to class almost every day, and have been trying to stick to the longer upper-level classes, as the hour-longs are a little too quick for my taste now.

Some highlights(before getting to the main event):

Edward is amazing, and I love him. I don't know how he does all the zany one-handed stuff he does, but when I grow up I want to be as agile as he is.

This month the theme at the Lotus is "chakras" and I have learned some super fun and amazing chakra facts. These include:

The Nadis. As far as I can figure it, the nadis are these channels of energy that travel up the body. The shushumna nadi, is kind of a straight arrow, shooting right up the center of the spine and all seven chakras. The ida and the pingala, are these beautiful snaky twisted channels of energy that travel up and around the chakras in opposing waves. Love this image. I think that the ida and the pingala are in opposition energetically as well, meaning, one is that wild shakti energy and one is the more peaceable loving soothing energy. But, I could be wrong about that.

Obviously my knowledge of the chakras at this point is cursory, but I plan on doing some research and reporting my findings back here later! I love trying to feel these circles and waves and centers of energy in my body...each one symbolized by a different color and mood and body-part.

The other major thing, which I knew before but did not strike me until just recently, is that the very first chakra, the Muladhara Chakra, the lowest and first of the seven chakras, while it is located at the base of the spine, encompasses the body from that point ALL THE WAY TO YOUR FEET!! This chakra, the chakra associated with grounding and survival and earthiness, the chakra that carries the energy that will travel up to all the other five chakras, is ENORMOUS! Or, at least, the part of the body which it makes up is your entire root system, right down to your toes. I pay no, and I mean no, attention to this part of my body. In fact, my entire emotional/psychological system feels and works and lives from my waist up! I ain't been livin' with that first chakra! I gotta get in there with that mo' fo...

Alright, so hooray Chakra Month...I've been learning a lot. Now on to the real honorarium of this post:

Jasmine, the Cosmic Goddess.

Ah, sigh.

Jasmine is back in town. When Jasmine is back in town, stuff gets crazy at the ol' Lotus. I was totally and utterly blessed to get a spot in her class this afternoon, even though I only got there 15 or 20 minutes early. Her classes (and Dana's, when she's back in town) sell out instantaneously...they are packed. And today was no different. But, I would sweat it out in a class twice as crowded if I have to...that is how much I love, love, love this woman.

Double sigh.

I think, that unless you have ever practiced with a teacher who is as much a light-bringer, as Jasmine, and as much a master teacher a, dare I say it, yoga guru, you can not really understand the kind of wild positive energy that just starts pinging around the room in one of her classes. I sound like a bit of a zealot, I know, but she and Dana (the other co-founder of the Lotus) are the energetic force behind the place that has become my spiritual sanctuary. And so I kind of like them. A lot.

So, Jasmine talked today about the sixth chakra, the chakra of intuition... she spoke a lot about psychic space and about looking into the "third eye" in order to not think, but to feeeel your way into intuition. She also told us that today is the birthday of Albert Einstein, and she conjured this image of Einstein as mystic, that I thought was just freakin' awesome. See, this is the thing I like about Jasmine--she is, yes, a yogi through and through, and I would consider her a bit of an enlightened being, but she is ALSO a grounded person...she is not a hippy-dippy flake-flake (as may be misinterpreted by my slobbering flattery above), she is a woman who lives on the planet earth and also cultivates a whole hell of a lot of love and openness and mysticism in her life. I'd like to list these qualities among my own someday.

That said, she also leads a kick-ass asana practice (and by kick-ass I mean ass kicking), which reminds me both how far I have come, and how far I have yet to go in my own practice. It also makes me want to get better and stronger and more risky and creative in my asana and to hope beyond hope that I will be able to do it, in some form or another, for the rest of my life.

Thank you,Jasmine, for busting open my heart in a myriad of wonderful ways.

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