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No Stress

Posted by sheryl w.

Being the absolute stress case that I am, I can honostly say that yoga is the one thing that makes all of my stress totally disappear. I just cannot be stressed when I am doing those poses! ANd feel calm and balanced is a giant leap on the spiritual path!
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Yoga definitely does the same thing for me and I find when I practice it regularly I am much CALMER. Calmer and much less likely to react to the life drama that goes on around you in day to day life. Certain types of yoga seem to have more of a calming effect but it's all good.
I am interested in yoga and it's effects on stress and anxiety. I am totally overwhelmed right now.  What are the best yoga moves and how do I learn about them? I live in a tiny town and classes are not available. Please tell me where to learn yoga. Thank you so much:)
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