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mystic skeptic meets master healer: jaw drops

Posted Apr 27 2009 11:42pm
Mystic Skeptic
I've never felt the need to shake an 8-ball. When friends suggested Tarot card readings, I shrugged them off. Reiki sessions with an acquaintance waving her hands around my body just left me wishing for a massage.

Until I met Dennis. He arrived in my yoga class--10 minutes before anyone else--a couple weeks ago. First impression: fit, laid-back, muscly. I thought "another guy who's personal trainer told him to try yoga to help him with his fitness goals." Ten minutes into class, I realized I'd made (yet another) incorrect first assumption. (It's amazing how many times I need to remind myself not to do this!) Dennis grinned through pretty much the entire flow, lighting up his corner, and spreading it to the rest of the room. No ego. No pretension. Just dedication and fun. I.e. a yoga teacher's dream student.

Go See Dennis
(or someone near you)
He kept coming to class, and soon I realized just how far off I'd been. An Intuitive Consultant by official title, Dennis is better off dubbed a Healer. After two sessions with him, I'm a convert. "You absolutely must go see Dennis!" I tell all my friends.

Here's why:
- Dennis' massages make you feel like you can fly
- After, your bodymind is clear, free from residual grudges, pains, and emotions. Kinda like when you do a really great yoga class.
- He can tell you what's missing in your diet, physical activity choices, and general living style-- without asking you a thing. Example: "Lindsey, you need to eat more fruit; you're not getting enough antioxidants. Your greens level is great though. Plus you need to drink more water. And you're not getting enough you-time. You could learn to trust your intuition more when making decisions." Me: mutely nodding, inside thinking, "How the H does he know that just from giving me a massage?"
- He gives you simple and easy solutions with big-time results, and doesn't try to sell you a bunch of stuff
- His rates are incredibly reasonable.
- The health centre he's at, in tony Yaletown, is a sanctuary surrounded by really great shopping. ;)

Bottom line: Want realistic tips on how to charge up your entire life--including hopes and dreams? Go see Dennis.

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