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My lower left ribs feel sore and swollen

Posted by ren

Three days ago, I went a yoga class where i got into a pose that dug my ribs into the ground.  now, it's been three days and my ribs are extremely sore, almost seems swollen.  it hurts when i breathe, when i turn, when i sneeze, etc.  should i be concerned enough to go to a doctor, or is it just a case of sore ribs...? anyone have advice?

is it possible to really hurt yourself this badly just with one pose for a few moments?

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I am unable to provide advice and that would merely me an opinion. What I can offer is a yoga perspective based on over a decade of practice, training, teaching, and workshops.

First, find a class that is suited to your level of practice. That means the things that are done in the class can be and are molded to your current body, mind, thoughts, and abilities. The practice should fit the student, not the other way 'round.

Second, find a teacher trained deeply enough to provide the environment listed above.

Third, if the soreness in your ribs lasts more than a handful of days without getting ANY better AND you cannot keep your mind calm and at ease around it then please do go to see your healthcare provider of choice. That choosing differs from person to person. In my living I would not go to someone who would xray me and then provide painkillers or prescription anti-inflammatories. But each must choose their own path. 

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