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my last #aros + how that feels

Posted Jan 31 2011 12:00am

Day 31 of

Yoga Through the Window
Breathing in Warrior 1
I notice
A squirrel runs by.

I have to tell you readers, I have loved writing every day for the last 31 days. It’s the most glorious exercise in mindfulness, in pulling yourself into this moment and if you haven’t tried it yet please give it a go, if only for a week.

My OCD personality means that I will not miss a day in a project like this. No matter what. And therefore I have been constantly on the lookout, vigilent even, for things to write about. It has come as a surprise to find so much going on out there. And an even greater surprise to realise that all that time I spend daydreaming can in fact be spent watching the world out of the window (and then I get to call it meditation and it’s all good ;) ).

Some things I have noticed:-
* how the bird feeder is in constant use, and squirrels particularly like to eat the fat balls.
* the monkey puzzle tree outside Mayflower flats that has been there since I was a child.
* the way cats sleep with one paw over their noses when it’s cold.
* the way my legs have to move to ride my bike.
* the sound of birdsong.
* the number of times people look straight through me. I wonder how many times a day I do that?

I’d like to think I will carry on mindfully watching, carry on writing stones.

We’ll see.

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