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motherboards adopt the multi-layers design

Posted Jan 15 2013 4:10am

When  buy motherboard, a fact is that a motherboard which can be seemed everywhere has a lot of interesting or important parts if you pay attention to the details.

Reminding from the PCB board of the motherboard, people will tend to the layers of the PCB. The design of the motherboard has to take a lot of arrangement of the original components into considerations, at the same time; it has to consider the reasonable wires arrangement and the anti disturbed performance, etc. therefore, if you  buy motherboard, you will find that most of the motherboards adopt the multi-layers design, even on some high-end motherboards, there will be more layers. Many people regard the layers of motherboard as the standard that whether the motherboard they buy is good or not.

The layers of the PCB that we are talking about are the layers that the power connection or signal transferred; except for the power layers and signal layers, there are solder mask, silk screen, isolating layers, and so on. You have to admit the fact that even the four-layer PCB board has a uncountable practical layers.

Therefore, if  buy motherboard, no matter it is the four-layer, six-layer or the PCB board that has more layers, on condition that to fulfill the wires arrangement of the components, it is none of the layers’ business. So, next time, when you are talking about the PCB board of the motherboard, don’t forget that the real layers are more than the named layers.  

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