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Mixed Bag Day of Yoga: 108, Reflexology, Laughter, and Online Yoga

Posted Jun 14 2010 12:21pm

Every now and again I come across a bunch of cool yoga stuff/info and do a brain dump on my blog. Here's the latest...look out below...

Why 108?

If you've ever strung a mala (I have had the good fortune to participate in a workshop in which I strung my own mala and it was seriously fun as well as being quite zen and meditative), you know that it has 108 beads. If you've participated in a Sun Salutation-athon, you've most likely sweated your way through 108 Sun Salutations. If you've studied Ayurveda and Marma (if you'd like to read more on these topics, I highly recommend David Frawley's book, Ayurveda and Marma Therapy ) points, then you know there are 108 pressure points in the body.

During my study in the world of yoga, the auspicious number of 108 came up again and again. If you're curious (like I was when I first started seeing this number reappear) as to why 108, check out this great blog post for a little background . In case you were wondering, the number 108 is significant outside of the yoga world as well. Click here to learn more about the significance of the number 108 .

Reflexology & Yoga

Lots of folks use reflexology for stress reduction and pain relief. It seems like a natural fit with yoga, don't you think? Some days when I'm doing a slower yoga practice, I mix in a little reflexology for a little something extra. Some of my favorite poses for incorporating reflexology are Butterfly, Seated Forward Bend, Happy Baby, and Tree. I like to slow things down and hold these poses while applying pressure to certain points on my foot for a change of pace now and again. If you'd like to try it yourself, click here for a printable reflexology chart

Seeking EnLIGHTenment

If you're like me, you may find yourself taking yourself -- and life -- a bit too seriously at times. The folks over at YogaHub are lightening things up with a 3-day virtual workshop focused on laughter (which, in my opinion, IS the best medicine). The workshop is entitled Laughter: A New Approach to Healing and is taking place June 23, 24, and 29 (7:30-9:00 EST each day). In addition to learning Laughter Yoga, you'll learn techniques for feeling more grounded, more confident, and happier. Click on the banner below to learn more and to register for this 3-day online event:

YogaHub Monthly Virtual Workshop Event

More Online Yoga

Often when I meet people for the first time and tell them I'm a yoga teacher, I get a look of interest along with something like this, "I'd love to get into yoga and have a regular practice, but I just don't have time." [Blogger's Note: This is actually a verbatim quote from someone I met last week]. Being that most yoga classes are 60-90 minutes, not taking into account travel time to the gym or yoga studio, I can see how time can be a  factor. That's where the joy of the Internet comes in -- online yoga classes are quite easy to find nowadays.They don't require travel and they are inexpensive.

The latest Web site to offer online yoga classes is . In addition to offer a great selection of yoga classes, styles, and teachers, YogaVibes offers an online community and a Yoga & Recovery section for yogis dealing with physical and mental challenges. How cool is that? Classes are inexpensive at $10 each, but you can get unlimited classes for a mere $25/month (there's also an in-between option with unlimited access to any 5 classes for $20/month). Streaming DVDs from well-known yogis like Ana Forrest, Sadie Nardini, and Darlene Bink are also available. If you're looking for great yoga at a great price, I recommend YogaVibes .

One of my favorite yogis, Eoin Finn , just recently revamped his Web site to include an online yoga studio that offers a variety of free instructional videos , free yoga podcasts , and low cost downloadable videos . What I love about the paid downloads is that you can buy the entire video or a particular segment (which you can preview online). Eoin has a chill vibe that you'll love and you can download the classes to your iPod so you can take them anywhere. You never know when you need a small -- or big -- dose of yoga. Get a taste of Eoin's style by downloading one of this free podcasts


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