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Mind Body Exercise Opportunities in the Bronx

Posted Jun 09 2012 4:16pm

More and more people are interested to in health, and a healthy mind as well as a healthy body is the ultimate goal. Opportunities to learn and exercise and create better mind/body health are abundant almost everywhere, and the Bronx is no exception. If you live in the Bronx area, you will find a wealth of information and instruction to help you improve your health.

Bronx Pilates is one of the classes that is offered here.   Pilates itself, named after its German developer Joseph Pilates, is a system of physical fitness and body conditioning that involves stretching and flexibility. These exercises were devised with the goal of strengthening the mind as the body is strengthened. Many have found Pilates to be a refreshing and revitalizing work out utilizing this mind/body type of routine. A variety of Bronx pilates classes are offered, including the super pilates cardio boot camp.

Other great work out and conditioning classes are also offered in the Bronx, and yoga Bronx is one of the favorites. Yoga is another practice, like Pilates, that combines physical and mental strength, but also adds the element of spiritual discipline. Yoga is an ancient Hindu practice that has as its goal a condition of spiritual enlightenment while meditating, and involves certain poses that are intended to align the body and the mind.

Yoga Bronx classes are held in the area, and offer a great system that combines stretching and strengthening exercises with the mind disciplining addition of meditation. Yoga classes set the stage for a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Various sessions of yoga can focus on the beginner and also the more experienced yoga experts. Yoga helps anyone to enjoy moving and concentrating and becoming more aware.   Whether you choose Pilates Bronx or Yoga, you’re sure to find the class and the instruction that is just right for you. Whatever your degree of physical and mental fitness might be right now, you can become even more proficient and find greater happiness in being healthier in mind and body.

Remember to see your doctor for a complete checkup before starting any physical fitness or weight training program,.   A complete annual physical should be a part of everyone’s wellness plan.   This simple visit to your doctor can help stave off chronic or serious health problems from developing.   This is especially important if you will be working out when you are alone.   If you are at risk for any health problems, you will want to know before you get started.   Plus, this will give you a great picture of your current state of health so you can do an accurate before and after comparison.   
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