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Migun Beds, Massage and Scoliosis

Posted Apr 20 2009 12:36am
My yoga instructor emailed me last week to tell me about a woman with scoliosis who had used a Migun bed with incredible results. I had never heard of a Migun bed before. They are in a nutshell a thermal massage bed that uses infrared heat. You can learn more about them on their website. Apparently it is free to use the Migun beds at Migun centers. The ultimate goal I believe is selling you a very pricey Migun bed. She said the woman went to the Migun center 50 times (all free) over the course of 6 months. Upon returning to the doctor they no longer saw a curve. Interesting huh?

Now I don't know her but I'm thinking that her curve was a functional curve as opposed to a structural curve. Remember when we talked about the difference between the two? Structural being when there is a fixed curve of the bones of the spine and functional being a result another problem such as a difference in leg length, habit (carrying something on one side of the body for a long time), etc. I’ve read many articles that say if you bend over and your spine straightens out then you have functional scoliosis. Of course you should never self diagnose. Only a doctor can tell you what type of scoliosis you have. Well as I mentioned early on, when I first started this blog, my scoliosis is a functional curve as a result of wearing a book bag on one shoulder for many years in high school and college.

So back to Migun, my yoga instructor asked if I'd like to go with her to try out the Migun bed. We are going to go this week and I can't wait to try it out! Not that I'm saying it's going to rid me of scoliosis but I'll be interested to see how it makes me feel. And I might do a little experiment like the woman I mentioned earlier. Go once or twice a week for several months and see if it helps to reduce my curve.

I know that muscles can be "trained" a certain way just like a part in your hair. That's why so many people with muscle tension and related issues continually get massages, to try and re-train the muscle. I've always felt that if I could get the muscle(s) that is built up on the left side of my back to loosen up that it might help my scoliosis. However I am not one that enjoys massage. Simply because my back is so sensitive from the scoliosis that I can usually never completely and fully relax until the massage is half way over. And I've never had the disposable income to get massages on a weekly basis. A friend of mine told me once that he had gotten a massage from a friend that was in school for massage. He said it was painful because his muscles were so kinked up and she told him that the pain would subside with subsequent massages. She said his muscles were trained a certain way and that it would take many sessions to work out the years of tension that had accumulated in his muscles.

The other interesting thing about a Migun bed is that is said to reduce blood pressure. There are jade massage heads in the bed and jade is said to contain various minerals that aid in the lowering of blood pressure. I also have hypertension which I take medication for. I regularly monitor my blood pressure as well. So if this bed does lower my blood pressure I should notice it in my readings.
I sort of have a this sneaking suspicion that I am going to love the Migun experience as much as I love Svaroopa yoga and that I am going to become addicted. We’ll see…
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