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Meditations for pregnancy

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:48pm
Prenatal Yoga, class II

Meditating during pregnancy can influence your health and happiness and baby’s as well. In this class we will focus on a simple visualization for pregnancy.

We will start with the brief meditation that we do at the beginning of each class. You can refer the previous class transcript for this.

After this meditation, we will practice visualizations specifically for well being during pregnancy.

Take a comfortable position and close your eyes. Do a quick body trip to relax the body completely. Acquaint yourself with your breath – take a few seconds to do this. Now bring your awareness to the blank space behind your closed eyes. This is your mind-space, where you can project images as they arise in your mind. Search your mind-space for signs of activity, shapes, colors or whatever arises. If nothing arises, be aware of the emptiness.

Now visualize this: your body enveloped in golden light energy. Slowly feel this energy seeping into your body, part by part. Feel the entire inner space aglow with the energy of this light. Visualize it as well. Visualize your baby being bathed in this golden light too. Use this golden-light visualization to connect with your baby.

Now leave your mind-space and come back to your breath – stay with your breath for a bit - and come back to your body and the atmosphere around you.

Slowly open your eyes.

This entire practice can be done for ten whole minutes. You can time it so that each part (that is body trip, breath awareness and visualization takes about 3 minutes a piece. The breath awareness could probably be done for a minute-and-a-half or so either way – that is before the visualization and after)

You are welcome to practice shavasana as well after this practices. Do this guided shavasana if you like....

Mantras are a wonderful way to wellbeing during pregnancy. We will discuss this great method in a future class.

Until then…..practice these few asana and other techniques. Wellness is guaranteed.
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