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Master Class 08-09 : Vytas Baskauskas

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:26pm

Big_2 Saturday : August 9, 2008 . 1-4 PM SMPY East ( 522 Santa Monica Blvd. )

Ample parking @ the Library.

" This is simply an opportunity for those of us who have been practicing a while to go deeper . With 3 hours , there will be ample opportunity to thoroughly explore the standing, seated and supine poses and still have time to finish with a long rest & meditation. We will also try a few asanas not taught in an all-levels class. Please be comfortable with the basics before attending. Come prepared to work hard & find peace."

Suggested donation $ 25.00. for more info.

"In every class I teach, there are usually at least a few beginners. In fact, most classes usually always have a few. Since the new people are the most important, I always make sure to explain things at a remedial level for them. This also serves as a reminder for those that have been practicing for a while. But what about a class where that isn't necessary? A time and place where we won't need to wait for the new people... where the focus will be so thick you can cut it with a knife.... where we can dive deeper.... a 3 hour block of time to get intensely immersed into our asana practice and then finish in style, the only way, with meditation. My only misgiving is that I won't get to roll my mat out and practice with everyone else!"



Vytas B. has been one of my primary teachers for almost 3 years now. " FOCUS so thick you can cut it with a knife ... " no denying the RASA & PRANA of that statement , all prep for MEDITATION , OMMMM -

Image via Robert Sturman Studio

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