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Life back to "normal"?

Posted Feb 20 2010 12:00am
I do not know what "normal" is any more. I'm open to the flow of life and where ever it's taking me. It's a wonderful feeling. I've been back to my every day job for a week now, my new boy friend extended his stay for a week and it's been marvelous to have him here and it feels so natural to be with him, nothing is feeling strange or uncomfortable, it's all so easy going and he's been home taking care of the home while I've been working. Twice the past two weeks I've been teaching yin yoga at two different shalas. It's such a blessing to be able to teach and my heart is filled with such gratitude for those who made it possible.

portrait of a young woman doing yoga on the beach

Yesterday I did my first ashtanga practice since I finished TT. I could move so much deeper into the asanas than ever before but I was really shaky in my legs and my right elbow allowed me to do most chaturangas but was felt. I will give my body more time to rest so my plan on starting mysore class every morning will have to wait yet another week.

The Superyacht Cup - Day 3

My BF B left this morning and will be gone for 2 months delivering a boat to the Carribean (lucky SOB) actually I was invited to go with him, but turned it down since I like the snow blizzard of Scandinavia so much. Bad joke, I know but I prefer to think of it like that than the actual reason why I couldn't go.

Daily Life In The Carribean

Well my lovely fellow yogi and yoginis, now it's time to get ready to go teach teach teach some yin yoga. Then I will take a rest for the rest of the week end and just sleep. The past month has been so intense and now is the first week end I will have time on my own to get rest and let everything sink in.
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