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Let My People Go Surfing : Yvonne Chouinard

Posted Sep 13 2008 2:05am

Let20my20people20go20surfing_1 The New York Times a couple of weeks back made mention of an emerging trend : conscientious consumption. I would like to qualify the term by adding the word " judicious " to this as it's not a matter of quantity but an extreme edit of quality.

Maverick businessman and author Yvonne Chouinard has been at the forefront of this movement. This is an excerpt from Outside Online:

My company, Ventura, California–based Patagonia Inc., maker of technical outdoor apparel and gear, is an ongoing experiment. Founded in 1973, it exists to challenge conventional wisdom and present a new style of responsible enterprise. We believe the accepted model of capitalism, which necessitates endless growth and deserves the blame for the destruction of nature, must be displaced. Patagonia and its thousand employees have the means and the will to prove to the rest of the corporate world that doing the right thing makes for good, financially sound business.

Check out the book, it's a great read -

While on the topic of wisdom, I received an email from a HS classmate Remo M. He was already one of the more mature guys in class back in the day, but this one is almost sagelike :

"It looks like you have found your path and are well on the way of your pilgrimage. I have a feeling that you are no longer a seeker but rather a traveller ( good one Remo ). May you meet good companions along the journey.

Friends of ours run a yoga canoe trip in the wilderness of Northern Manitoba during the summer. Ten days of no other human beings or any other signs of civilization. Just water , rocks, trees, wildlife, sun, wind, stars and yoga - "

And to David Byck, thanks for sending your book all the way from Mysore -

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