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Lego Robots ....To The Future And Beyond.

Posted Jul 14 2010 12:56pm
Some time ago on a Triple A outing, some of us parents were talking about activities the children might like to do. Myself and another mum discovered that we had both been to Legoland , me in Denmark and herself in Germany, and we loved it. Especially the Lego Robots. This other mum, Uta works in IBM and thought that the company she worked for  just might be able to help.

IBM could indeed help, in fact they go out into the local communities and schools etc demonstrating these robots. They were willing to allow us to come to them. But Uta needed some help from her work colleagues for the day so she sent out some emails looking for  volunteers.....and received 25 replies! From these replies she chose six wonderful people to help explain how to programme your own robot to our children.

                                                        WiiBoy and his teammate J's Robot

We arrived at the enormous complex that is IBM last Friday and were met by Uta, her very clever son (who was very helpful to WiiBoy and J) and the six volunteers: Mark, Jason, Liam, Loretta, Simon and Patrick.They made us feel most welcome and we all got down to work. Well, the children did...technophobe Jazzy here and the only other mother to accompany her child (interestingly enough it was all dad's on this trip) kinda slunk outside after a while and left them too it!

When we came back in we automatically whispered. It was so quiet, you see. There was barely a engrossed and enthralled were the children. Amazing. No tears, tantrums or upsets. None. At all. Nada. From any of them. Truly amazing.

The volunteers were so calm and helpful to the children and there was one at each table. They had thankfully half built the robots in advance so they completed the building with the children and then helped them to programme the robot to do their bidding. So the ideas were all their own. The robot could be programmed to respond to sound (e.g.clapping) or colour whereby a light sensor was added, to speak and even to dance. Fascinating stuff.

                                                          They made a great team

                                               Sometimes you have to figure it out for yourself

                                                 There's always the lego bits if you're a bit bored....

                                                          Getting there....

As you can see from the first photo on this post they did indeed get there in the end. It turned out that they both had different ideas for their Robot so they agreed to programme him to do two separate performances for the final presentation. So WiiBoy, using his creativity, got to work on drawing a maze for his presentation....

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